Organisation – Dementia Caring, Offers Locals In-Home Nursing Service

Sydney, AU – For many, the care for themselves of their parents after they’re past their prime is a nagging worry. People are dubious of nursing homes because of the expense, the fact it isn’t home, and the horror stories that have been in the news. Home care is becoming a more popular alternative as patients do not need to leave the comfort of their house. Dementia Caring provides this service to the locals of Sydney.

Dementia Caring is dedicated to providing the best assisted care possible. They are completely focused on providing specialist therapies and basic home care for those individuals suffering from dementia. They understand that caring for ill loved one isn’t easy but seek to help with providing their patients with what they need at affordable costs. The carer services that they offer include 24/7 respite and emergency assistance, respite care at a day centre with tailored programs for dementia therapy, social support for those living with dementia and their loved ones, bespoke dementia therapy products, personalized home care services, and therapy with a dementia specialist. The carer support services even cater to the simplest of needs such as meal preparation, home maintenance, and housekeeping. Their team of experts is the leading home care and specialist therapy provide, and they are recognized as Australia’s only exclusive service provider for dementia care.

Many wonder why people prefer to receive their nursing services at home as opposed to establishments dedicated to caring for the elderly. Besides being less expensive than assisted care centres, caring for people at home has proven to benefit patients’ health. Studies have shown that home care can improve the quality of care and reduce hospitalization due to adverse events or chronic conditions.  Not only is the home setting most comfortable for patients, but it gives them the control that they wouldn’t have in a nursing home. This control reduces safety risks and leads to less patient incidents. Plus the technology used in facilities are being used in homes now too so there is no need to worry about less sophisticated care. Home care is the way to go for the best possible care and comfort of a sick loved one.

While more and more home care services begin to open, people will become overwhelmed with the options available to them. For those in the Sydney area who are affected by, or have a loved one affected by dementia, look into the leading practice in its field. Go to Dementia Caring’s website to get more information on the carer services they offer and to find out how to contact them.

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Company Name: Dementia Caring
Contact Person: Jon Kontopos
Phone: 1300760110
City: Sydney
State: NSW 2022
Country: Australia