The Internet Of Real Estate: Max Zaslavskiy’s Cryptocurrency RECoin is Taking Over The World

LAS VEGAS, NV – 25 Jul, 2017 – By the time you read this, the Bitcoin Civil War of June-July 2017 will be probably over. After the shockwave sent through a supposedly $41 billion market by a controversial software update, the Bitcoin may or may not have split in half, and the notoriously volatile cryptocurrency may or may not have lost more of its value in addition to the 22% drop in the early June. Perhaps, only to regain it tenfold later on. Who knows and, frankly, who cares; for those who like to play with casino chips, there are more than 700 cryptocurrencies on the market right now and the Bitcoin’s grandeur today is comparable to that of the Lehman Brothers circa 2008 for a reason…

Ever since the Blockchain had begun running circles, we keep seeing different applications of this, hands down, magnificent tech pop up everywhere. Or, rather, the illustrious TED-talkers keep talking about many different ways Blockchain could influence progress but the most palpable right now is crypto money – the unsecured, not backed by anything software version of a Monopoly play-dough that’s good for looking special on a computer screen but lacking spectacularly in real value.

Or so I thought before I came across the latest offering on the crypto currency market called RECoin. Stay with me for a minute because I can see already your nostrils flaring up in disdain for my self-contradiction.

Until very recently the crypto-whizzies weren’t bothering with backing their proprietary blockchain-based cryptocurrencies with anything. It was largely due to this D&D-like novelty spirit that has been sweeping the tattoo-sporting world of lanky men-children for years. But today, when the suit-clad investment bankers got interested in Blockchain and thousands of crypto-millionaires, are sitting on their virtual coffers enjoying the financial freedom (read – impunity) of the decentralized digital currency world, The Man is getting ready to ring His Bell. Don’t kid yourselves. As you’re reading this, he is preparing to declare His Final Will on how, and as what, to treat these precious pieces of code, whether it’s money or property, or chattels, whether it’s legal or illegal to buy it, conserve it, and exchange it, buy it how, through what mechanisms or mediums, on whose authority and on whose responsibility, etcetera, etcetera. In short, it’s time to start securing your crypto currency with… What?

Well, Max Zaslavskiy, the NYC philanthropist, financier, entrepreneur and real estate guru seems to see no other answer: real estate is the key. For the last year and a half he basically dissected the entire cryptocurrency market only to find out that the vast majority of the unsecured cryptocurrency platforms is nothing short of a Ponzi scheme, in which, as we all know, the growth is facilitated through hype, rather than market-based increase in the value of an asset.

To me, the real estate-backed cryptocurrency is an idea so new, and the examples are so few and scarce, that I’ve decided to look closer at the RECoin to find out if it’s as comprehensive and transparent as Mr. Zaslavskiy claims. The short version – it is.

One of the glaring advantages of RECoin over any popular and well-established cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, for example, is that Bitcoin is already roughly at $2350 per token, plus it’s under a 21 million cap. Which means, there’s only a certain amount of wealth to go around for all the Bitcoin winners and Bitcoin losers out there. But Max Zaslavskiy and his RECoin Group are looking to eliminate the “early bird” factor altogether. Besides, the fact that RECoin is backed by real estate in countries with the most stable economy in the world means that the entire world is the RECoin’s oyster. The very definition of a well-diversified investment portfolio is minimal risks, and with real estate in the US, UK, Canada, Switzerland, and Japan backing RECoin, the risks become practically negligible.

Mind you, the fact that you don’t own real estate at the moment in no way, manner or fashion disqualify you from the RECoin club. Quite the opposite: the worldly nature of the Max Zaslavskiy’s initiative is key to anyone’s future financial well being through the RECoin ownership. Anyone and everyone in the world, regardless of their occupation, affiliation or profession, anyone who is looking to back their purse with something as substantial and robust an investment as real estate is welcome to a piece of the communal pie.

One of the ways to facilitate that goal is creating sort of a Mega Hub online for absolutely all things real estate and RECoin, with which Max and his team have been extremely busy for the last year. There’s the very auspicious real estate auction platform called 101Rebid, which has been in the works for the last four months. Judging just by the sheer heft of the CTS (Confirmed Technical Specification) for the website (93 pages) this thing is going to blow some minds.

Site 101News is scheduled for launch in late July and is thought to become the source on the Internet Of Real Estate (as opposed to the Internet of Things, thought I’d try it, see if it catches on). It will be present on all social networks boasting a humongous classifieds section, but the primary purpose of the 101News is going to be its namesake – the Real Estate news channeling.

101News launch will be immediately followed by 101NewsPlus – the international franchising network for realtors. A $500 annual fee, which the RECoin Group will cover for the first year, will get the realtors the opportunity to list on the network and continually stay abreast of all developments in the world of real estate.

The next up is 101MLS – the Multi Level Service specializing and interested in absolutely all things real estate from all over the world.

And for now, the final destroyer in the RECoin carrier strike group (sorry can’t help the Navy metaphor) is going to be the 101CoWork where you can always find the specialists you need to ensure that your home or office please you with comfort and coziness, so you do not have to worry about its safety, cleanliness, and serviceability of all systems.

The whole concept seems to be so transparent and self-evident that the owner/founder of the RECoin Group, Max Zaslavsky, offers an unprecedented package of guarantees to the future RECoin community members. First of all, something not many crypto-keepers may brag about: the full compliance with the US law and the guaranteed buyout of the RECoin at 70% of its current market if anything goes haywire. In fact, Max is so confident that the RECoin is bound for success, the only money he is charging at this point is a service fee.

Looking at all the unsecured junk on the cryptocurrency market, one can’t help but wonder, what, other than the hype, would be the rational reason behind stocking up on Bitcoin or whatever, instead of going with something as clear-cut as investing in real estate backed RECoin. Personally, I can’t find any, so my Bitcoin Civil War of June-July 2017 is over for good.

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