Stockinged Develops a New Line of Elegant Safes for Hotels

Neuried, Germany – It’s no joke. Americans like the feel of cash. And they like to have it handy always. Some folks even find a special place in a freezer, or they use a wooden box and buried it in some obscure place in the fenced back yard. An American Express Spending and Savings Tracker put this cash phobia thing in proper perspective when a survey found 43 percent of Americans keep their savings at home. Cash hoarders want privacy, and they also want to look at their savings from time to time to confirm they are still solvent. 

So why do so many people keep cash within walking distance? Why do people still shove stacks of $100 bills under their mattress? The answer is as simple as, “cash is an investment, and there is security in knowing it will not be subject to any unexplained set of banking circumstances.” Another reason to keep cash at home is the rise in natural disasters. More earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, and floods. Easy access to cash is certainly worth the lack of investment interest when disaster strikes. Right? Right. But, keeping cash in a freezer or shoe box or burying the cash in the backyard went out with Y2K. The HomeSafetyAssociation of America says safes are the new backyards, mattresses, and freezers. In an era where financial turbulence is the flavor of the day, hotel and home safes make perfect sense. 

Stockinger has 40 years of experience building safes. Recently they have developed a new line of elegant safes for hotels. The company can fulfill any requirement in hotel safes thanks to personal and confidential consultations. Thanks to an excellent research and development division, hotel safes come in a variety of elegant finishes, so there’s no need to hide them. With multiple interior designs, hotel owners can choose a design that not only provides a safe place for client’s valuables, but that becomes the showpiece of the office area. Stockinger safesa luxurious in a hotel, business or at home. Read this now

Putting cash in a new safe that is secure as well as beautiful is a natural way to keep assets secure. “Our handcrafted safes can be found in the world’s leading hotels, resorts, and chalets as well as in homes around the world,” says Matthias Fitzthum, with Stockinger. 

Source: Matthias Fitzthum

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