Introducing FourTrippers, The Innovative Trip Planning Tool To Change Travel

In today’s global community, travel has made itself one of the things that nearly everyone wishes they did more of. Here to help people from all backgrounds travel with was is a new platform named FourTrippers, making trip planning a breeze.

Anyone who has planned a personal trip knows just how hard it can be to get it right, with so many places to pick from. Even after the general location is selected, trip planners soon meet the headaches of finding the right flight and the right hotel for the right price. Beyond that, travelers need to think about what attractions they will visit, where they will find their meals and a variety of other factors. Here to make this entire process much easier and much simpler is an up-and-coming platform named FourTrippers, combining travel, board, and activities into one simple system.

At FourTrippers core is its functionality as a social trip planning community. Users can easily browse the experiences of other FourTrippers users. These experiences can be anything from a simple night out at a quaint dinner restaurant to a full-fledged, week-long trip. These experiences are often complete with a detailed itinerary, allowing other users to understand the experience. Once a user finds an experience that he or she likes, the user is able to ReTrip the experience, adding it to their own profile. As an added benefit, users can keep track of their favorite travelers, receiving notifications whenever they post a new experience. By ReTripping experiences, customizing them, and planning new experiences, users can easily map out an entire trip all while staying on the FourTrippers platform.

In addition to the social element of the FourTrippers platform, there stands a robust booking system, enabling users to book flights, train rides, and hotel stays smoothly. These are added into planned trips, resulting in a single, condensed itinerary that can be easily shared with friends or family or even to other users for use as inspiration. Sadly, producing a travel platform as innovative as this one is no simple task. To help support the platform, the FourTrippers team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through the campaign page, users can receive a variety of rewards ranging from a set of FourTrippers posters to early access as a FourTrippers beta tester. With this support, FourTrippers hopes to make travel easier and more inspiring to people everywhere.


To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page

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