Introducing Love And Baggage, A Heartwarming Comic About Young Marriage

Love is a subject that has eluded the common man year after year. Its mysterious draw and its relative scarcity make it extremely attractive. Today an established cartoonist named Bill Houston is announcing a phenomenal comic all about love titled Love and Baggage.

Many people believe that nothing is more beautiful than young love. While its allure cannot be denied, every love story certainly has its ups and downs. Couples experience both intense moments of true mania and bitter fights as well as everything in between including snarky and comedic remarks alongside truly touching moments. Every couple innately knows that this is how love goes, but few share their stories with their friends. As a result, it is easy for a couple to feel like they are the abnormal couple who fights too much or is too deeply in love. Today a new cartoon named Love and Baggage by Bill Houston. By featuring a young married couple, Frankie and Finn, and their funny interactions, Love and Baggage can make readers smile, laugh, and feel connected.

The core characters of the Love and Baggage cartoon strip are Frankie and Finn. The two professionals certainly have their differences but are both good natured in their own way. In turn, the duo produces some of the most entertaining interactions. Whether it be a groggy argument over what to have for dinner or a heavily misinterpreted double entendre, Love and Baggage is sure to entertain any reader with its wit and style.

In order to reach his goal of producing one hundred Love and Baggage comic strips in the coming year, Bill Houston has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. All of the funds will go towards the production and printing of the cartoon itself, helping Bill Houston to entertain the masses. Patrons who donate to the Kickstarter campaign will be rewarded with some of the first copies of Love and Baggage strips alongside the genuine thanks of Bill Houston. With this support, the team behind Love and Baggage hopes to see Frankie and Finn travel the world with their antics and love in the coming year.


To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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