MediNails offers a new solution to the MASSIVE FAILURE of the Nail Industry to protect the public

SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, TN – 25 Jul, 2017 – Would you be mad or at least concerned, if you found out that many of the products mandated by your state government directed cosmetology boards and Federal EPA registration guidelines for liquid disinfectants may fail to “properly” disinfect instruments and “protect” the public in nail salons that use them?  MediNail Learning Center (MLC) President, Dr. Robert Spalding, a podiatrist has been originating that concern for almost 20 years in his lectures and through his MediNail online training company and his book, Death By Pedicure.  His company NOW offers, for the first time, a new solution to the problem that he solved twenty years ago with autoclaves and NOW with disposable sterile pedicure nail nippers.

“I am very concerned that so many agencies, institutions and facilities don’t rationalize that so many liquid disinfectants are inconsistent with their claims for bacteriocidal use especially when these liquid agents in many instances can be so heavily diluted with water for use”, Dr Spalding states.  He also says,”All liquid disinfection guideline recommendations from the CDC (Center of Disease Control) suggest for  the main “active” bacterial killing ingredients you need certain minimums of quaternary ammonium compounds or QACs and a minimum of 60 to 90% of isopropyl alcohol to have any bacteriocidal effect whatsoever.”

“Many of these products don’t even have the basic bacteriocidal minimums in the concentrated product BEFORE you mix it.  The most popular products used in salons and some limited healthcare facilities are diluted up to 16 times the premixed concentrated percent amount.  The FDA which only covers products that sterilize and not merely simply disinfect does not even allow alcohol to be listed as an “active” ingredient for bacteriocidal claims when the actual “listed active” by the EPA per CDC recommendation will not kill the bacteria, viruses or fungus listed on the label which greatly confuses the end user.  Some bacteria have evolved to now pump QACs out of their cell wall rendering some QACs ineffective.  Hard water can also inactivate QACs.”

For example, most cosmetology textbooks for all US training refer to the liquid disinfectant labeling on the most popular QAC agent used in salons is reported to kill the common bacteria, pseudomonas “the greenies” which you see with poor application from gel or acrylic fingernail enhancements. “QACs don’t kill pseudomonas at all… only alcohol at high levels will kill pseudomonas …….which is not always listed on the label or listed as inert ingredient but not at the levels presents in the initial concentrate levels to kill and certainly not at the highly dilution factor level of water allowed.

The CDC and many other approved labs report that QACs and alcohol at no matter what concentrations, fail to kill HPV viruses that cause the common plantar warts that are highly contagious and are too often confused with common calluses that nail salons will service.   Hopefully, soon “the regulatory agencies will be requesting these “approved” liquid disinfection products be re-tested with the many EPA approved labs to re-confirm the cidal effects of certain disinfectants. Unfortunately, the CDC also reports even the EPA approved labs cannot universally agree or reproduce the lab results of testing common liquid disinfection agents as to whether they kill the listed organisms or not.

There are two simple solutions MLC developed to these US national and international public health problems that plague salon patrons. MediNail graduates are certified to practice advanced sterilization techniques with autoclaves and now the newest available option in the US are MediNail Disposable Sterile Toenail Nippers that have proven highly effective and successful in Europe.

MLC has 500 certified advanced nail techs graduates across the US who bypass ineffective state regulations (except for Texas who recommends autoclaves) and autoclave all salon instruments to better protect their clients.  NOW MediNail also offers the new inexpensive disposable toenail nippers to all salons who cannot initially afford an autoclave or even direct to the client as an up-sale protection item to the service.  This new sterile disposable instrument offers a fresh new effortless cut each and every time as you open a new package which prevents crushing the nails.

There is absolutely nothing more effective and time efficient than autoclaving instruments to protect the public from inadequate liquid disinfection agents for instrument disinfection”.  The nail tech can dispose of the nippers in an approved container or hand them to the client to go home with (as with many other disposable items that are given to the clients to prevent reuse).  A buy back discount program is also being discussed for recycling and local recycling centers can currently be utilized as well.

For more information, contact MediNail Inc to get more information with this highly valuable protection.

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