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Democratising Space Exploration with Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

Barcelona, Spain – At a crypto VIP event held today  at the Gaudi modernist mansion, Casa Batlló, an extraordinary venture, combining and heralding a new way to fund space projects was announced.

This is the brainchild of a Blockchain Company CEO, a professor from the London School of Economics (LSE), and a cosmonaut. Called the Spacebit Foundation – it is essentially Cryptocurrency for Space Exploration, which is at the launch pad and is about to boldly take the crypto world where no crowdfunding has ever gone before.

Spacebit will bring involvement in space access and space exploration to ordinary people around the globe, by utilising blockchain technology to crowdfund large space projects. It is an organisation without the borders, boundaries and limitations of the public sector or Government funding.

Pavlo Tanasyuk, founder of Spacebit said, “We believe that new space technology is moving swiftly and distinctly towards direct citizen participation in the funding of space activities. With available public money for space exploration on an inevitable decline, it is individual private stakeholders who are the new space pioneers. Technologies like blockchain will allow them to engage with ground-breaking crowdfunding space projects, where they help to shape the future direction of funded projects, sharing in the decision-making and even sharing in IP and commercial gains. The future of space exploration is here. It’s open, transparent and funded by Space DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization).”

Crowdfunded space missions with Spacebit  not only enable a new way to fund space exploration, but it is also an open engagement platform acting as a conduit between investors and launch providers. The overall mission for Spacebit is to create a distributed space agency in a form of DAO, unshackled by state or national sponsorship; and it is open for everyone to participate regardless of nationality, geography or politics. 

The co-founder of Spacebit, LSE professor Ian Angell said, “Space projects have been attracting financial support through crowdfunding platforms. However, never before has such funding  been involved in direct participation or economic returns. With the help of blockchain technology, crowdfunding models can be taken to a new level, allowing it to contribute to project funding in exchange for token participation. Spacebit is the evolution of crowdfunding, with the potential to take it, quite literally, into the stratosphere.”

On the ground, Spacebit funding will begin to launch space projects based on new distributed organisational structures funded by individuals. Investors will decide their goals, help to recruit global teams, build the equipment and in the future even operate the mission and finally own the outcome.

This type of space exploration is only possible if the aim of the chosen projects and the outcome of individual missions is lucrative enough to justify the investments and the risks. Spacebit will enable collective ownership of projects and their IP, spawning new opportunities to directly invest in space technologies. Therefore, the Spacebit model becomes a blueprint for future space exploration initiatives and other  large scale infrastructural projects that will engage more individuals as projects continue to come to fruition.

During the Starmus Conference in Norway last month, substantial agreements have been formed that will enable Spacebit to successfully begin funding its first space projects. These agreements will be announced soon, but for now, everyone at Spacebit believes that a new era of human adventure has arrived to seek and find new ways of making our lives better and to make new discoveries and create new technologies. We invite everyone from crypto community to participate in this project; together we can step into the future and reach for the stars.

CoinAgenda Conference is one of the major Bitcoin & Digital Currency Investors Conference, and is the first conference for bitcoin and crypto investors. Founded by Michael Terpin, this conference attracts global talent in blockchain. This year participants included Brock Pierce, Co-founder Blockchain Capital and Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation; Erick Miller, CEO of CoinCircle and many other.

The Starmus Conference was born to celebrate science and the arts with the goal of bringing an understanding and appreciation of science to the public at large. Starmus attracted such great mind such as Stephen Hawking, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

Spacebit is a first decentralised space company and a fund that is changing ways large space projects are funded. The overall mission for Spacebit is to create a distributed space agency in a form of DAO, unbiased from state and sustainable without nation sponsorship; free for everyone to participate regardless of nationality, geography or politics. 

Media Contact: Helen Moscow

Media Contact
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Contact Person: Pavlo Tanasyuk
Phone: +447515917797
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