Odella Glenn Fulfills her Writing Vow to God

When a vow becomes the beginning of wisdom and the fulfillment of a writers journey

Although she had always wanted to write and publish a book, Odella Glenn wasn’t really sure what to write about. There were many periodic, miscellaneous, and emotional sessions of writing.  Her “write a book” dream had dragged on for years without a completed manuscript. Then one day, it was resuscitated and became stronger. Determined to finish it this time, she sought God’s help and entered into a serious covenant with Him.

“Every day that you allow me to live, I will write for at least one hour. The writing sessions will continue daily until I have a completed manuscript ready for publishing,” she shares her vow.

When she searched the scriptures of the Bible, she found enough strength and persistence to complete the book, and Wisdom for the Journey, was published. Under her collaboration with Toplink Publishing/ Marketing firm, her first published book was reborn. Her grueling personal experience of completing her dream book and seeking God’s help through a vow she painstakingly fulfilled is a poignant message for all readers to carry on with their lives despite challenges.   She applied holy pathways from the Bible verses such as Romans 4:17 to the situation that says “Call those things which be not as though they were.” And the wisdom of Job 22:28 that says “Thou shall also decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee.”

Glenn’s great desire to write a book of this genre spills over from her love for reading and years of experience as an educator and biblical counselor. Though tempted to stop several times, her faith has given her the wisdom for her own journey and decided to dedicate her writing in preaching the ministry and glory of God.

This book was featured in the largest leading book and author event in North America—BookExpo America (BEA) and was on display at BEA 2016 last May 11–13 at McCormick Place, Chicago.

Glenn is also the author of Searching for God: After Drifting Away under Xulon Press.

Odella Glenn

Wisdom for the Journey

Copies of the book are available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online stores

About The Author:

Odella Glenn is a retired educator, who served in the Detroit public schools, for more than four decades. Her services included being a classroom teacher, vice-principal, administrator in-charge, and after retiring, teacher consultant. She is a born-again Christian, and a certified biblical counselor, whose ministry is teaching and counseling. She is a founder of Club Spirituel, a women’s bible – study group, and has been their facilitator and /teacher for twelve years. Wisdom for the Journey, is her first book, and initiates her desire to use writing as another tool for the ministry, and for glorifying God.

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