Margaret Ludwig Discovers Unconditional Love from another Species

They say “dogs are man’s best friends” and love comes when you least expect it and sometimes from an unexpected person or another species. Author Margaret Ludwig shares how she found perfect love from a pack of five unique rescued dogs in her debut novel For The Love of Moose: How One Man’s Trash Became My Treasure.

This emotional yet equally entertaining book talks about the author’s real-life struggles in raising her pack of rescued dogs with so much love and determination. It’s a wonderful love story of how each dog teaches Margaret about herself; leads her to change for the better and in the end how they all find the balance to live harmoniously together.

“It was a surprise for me how much work I needed,” she confessed. Yet, like many other dog lovers, Margaret believes that dogs are like humans. “They have quirks, shortcomings, tempers, and preferences. Where they differ from human is their ability to suffer at the hands of humans but still forgive and love those who slight them.”

Kathleen A.  Shimshock on Amazon comments, “This book is a great read for anyone, especially dog lovers. Rescued and special-needs dogs can be a challenge, but Margaret’s story is a testament of how rewarding it can be when we take on those challenges and put our hearts and souls into loving and caring for these precious four-legged friends that God has blessed us with.” Alex Alvarado on Goodreads shares, “I laughed, I cried… laughed again and cried again. It was a great story shared by an Amazing person. I never thought that a person can love a pet this much. It’s absolutely inspirational!!!”

Margaret Ludwig finds it a privilege to be entrusted with the care of these animals that have so much love to offer. So come along and join her journey through a life made better by a pack of five furry and lovely dogs.

Margaret Ludwig

For The Love of Moose

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About the Author:

After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Texas at El Paso, Margaret Ludwig moved to the Pacific Northwest, where she managed businesses before moving on to become a Law Enforcement Officer. She began her writing career when she first started dabbling writing poems. Since then she spent countless hours writing reports suitable to be presented in court. Her first book, For the Love of Moose, is greatly inspired by her love for dogs. Though a Texas girl at heart, she now loves the Seattle area for all it offers. Margaret loves gardening, spending time outdoors, building things with wood, playing with her dogs, and of course reading.

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