“Hojas Amarillas” is Stephania Sanquiz’s Homage to Noemi Smorra’s Hit Single

“Golden Leaves”, sung by Noemi Smorra and Lena Katina, recently hit the top ratings on Russian TV and retained them for many weeks as an international hit. An apt homage to the popular song now comes from Stephania Sanquiz, the singing sensation from South America, in the form of “Hojas Amarillas”, which also features Noemi Smorra.

The second single of this fascinating artist is composed by Fernando Alba, and penned by Kathleen Hagen along with an adaptation by Jose Luque Ordóñez. The song is produced by Maqueta Records, and the video shot in Los Angeles and Rome with the theme of studio recording days.

“Hojas Amarillas” carries a new sound quality, staying close to the original song, but adding a flavor of Rock and Indie instead of Latin rhythms. Stephania Sanquiz’s homage to “Golden Leaves” has everything needed to ride over the music scene in Latin America.

Youtube link: https://youtu.be/hpt2PNmrefM

Stephania Sanquiz from Venezuela earned fame in South America with RCTV’s reality show, “Fame, sweat and tears”. She has been involved in youth gymnastics and took part in the country’s beauty pageant as well. The reality show launched her as a singer and actress, and she went on to act in Latin soap operas such as “My cousin Ciela”. Stephania went on to attend the New York Film Academy, and was selected for the off Broadway musical, “The Wedding Singer”. This led to her gaining recognition as a solo singer and song writer. Her first single to come out in 2016 was “Magia Esta Aqui” (in English “Magic Is Here”). Her debut single went on to climb to the fifth rank on “Top Latino” of Venezuelan Billboard, and has been immensely popular on HTV Music.

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Noemi Smorra from Italy took to singing while still very young and has participated in many singing contests and the art circles in general. She graduated from the Accademia Nazionale d’arte Drammatica Sivio D’amico, and went on to star in the musical “Give me three caravels” in the Sistine in Rome, alongside Alessandro Preziosi. She also acted in several television dramas. Her debut came in 2008 when she played Pia de’ Tolomei in the musical, “The Divine Comedy, the Opera”. After just two years, she played the role of Lucy Mondella in the all-star cast of “I Promessi Sposi – Opera Moderna” of Michele Guardì performed at San Siro’s stadium. In 2015, she did her first recording project with Maqueta Records and the artistic direction of Fernando Alba. The result was the English duet, “Golden Leaves” with the international pop star Lena Katina (ex t.A.T.u.), and the bilingual EP, “Transparent” with both Italian and English tracks.

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