Ending Homelessness And Hunger Is Something That Can Be Fixed Today And Maintained Far InTo The Future.

California – 25 July, 2017 – Brian Boatwright and his team proudly announce their decision to raise funds for people that are homeless and those in hunger through their website www.untilthereisnomore.org. The goal of Until There is No More is to end homelessness and hunger in our lifetime and also creates awareness that the problem of homelessness and hunger can be fixed and maintained.

Until There Is No More is a non-profit organization that is categorized under Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code, which means the organization is tax-exempt. The non-profit organization is dedicated to creating the world where every person has a meal, and a place they call home, and also free to pursue their dreams within our shared world.

According to a survey conducted in the US, food pantries and other aid organizations are already having trouble meeting an increased demand for help from homeless people and those that have no food to eat. The survey also shows that 43 percent of the homeless and hungry citizens are unemployed and 21 percent are elderly people. In order to proffer immediate solutions to this situation, any non-profit organizations have emerged one of them is Until there is No More.

The call to action for Until there is No More is based on 3 key words: Today, Tomorrow, and Forever Free. This is simply stated as whatever circumstance our clients find themselves in Today will change because of our organization, Tomorrow will be better because of this change, once that change is permanent in our clients it will leave our clients Forever Free, to enjoy and sustain their own lives.

The problem of homelessness and hunger is not something that can be fixed easily and this is why Until There is No More feels creating awareness will go a long way in helping at fixing the menace. ”We as an organization cannot achieve this goal alone; we will need a concerted effort of governments, public and private organizations, and people from all walks of life,” said the founder, Brian Boatwright.

Until there is No More in its efforts believes that a triangle of support can end homelessness and hunger in our lifetime. The organization calls for support from other non-profit organizations, businesses, and the government to work together to end homelessness and hunger. Co-founder Dawn Boatwright in his own words describes “Until There Is No More”  as an organization that is ready spearhead the actions of groups and individuals that are willing to end homelessness and hunger in the world.

For more information, visit www.untilthereisnomore.org. The website also allows individuals and organizations to make donations to help sustain the goal of Until there is No More.

About Brian Boatwright

Brian Boatwright is the founder, Chief Executive Officer and President of Until There is No More. He has a Master of Arts in Psychology, focusing on Mediation & Conflict Resolution and also a holder of Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. He is proudly supported in the organization by Dawn Boatwright, who is also a Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer, Vice President, and Treasurer of Until There is No More.

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