Cryptocurrency AdCoin is the Bitcoin-alternative for the online advertising market.

July 25, 2017 – Rotterdam, Netherlands – A group of Dutch entrepreneurs with finance-, marketing- and IT backgrounds launched a new cryptocoin for the online advertising market. The coin creates value by being used to buy and sell views, clicks and customers within advertising networks like Google Adsense, according to the founders of the AdCoin.

“Almost all the ad platforms are using credit cards and traditional currencies as the only available payment methods. These methods have high transaction – and risk costs which result in higher costs for advertisers and lower payouts for publishers,” says Jerry Donker, one of the founders of the AdCoin. Using the blockchain technology the frequency of transactions can be significantly increased while the transaction fees are so low that it’s sustainable to do micro-transactions. The reason for creating AdCoin and not using Bitcoin is explained by co-founder Patrick van Dijl “Using a generic cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum means that advertisers and publishers will suffer from the volatility of the general cryptocurrency market, since there is no clear underlying value. AdCoin will be solely used for the advertising market and we expect a lot less fluctuations and a stable yet increasing value.”

First ad networks are adopting AdCoin

The founders of AdCoin are in negotiation with several national- and international advertising networks to roll-out the new AdCoin on scale. Using the reach of established advertising agencies, the team projects a quick adoption rate. The new cryptocurrency offers an interesting alternative for publishers looking to increase revenue by speculating on the increasing demand for AdCoin.

Investing in AdCoin

AdCoin is currently under review for most of the major cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as Poliniex and Bittrex and already available on CoinsMarkets. Early adopters of the AdCoin can express their interest in getting the coins at a fixed price through the website. “We are not interested in inflating the coin through investors and don’t project insane returns that would attract them. Our vision is to have an acceptable price point, a stable exchange rate and investors who are actually going to integrate AdCoin within their advertising platforms.”

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