Make music without a recording studio with new ‘MyMusicShare’ app for iPhone

MyMusicShare is set to launch mobile application for iPhone users that allows them to create music without the need of instruments or a recording studio. The app provides a platform to the budding singers and anyone else interested in creating music to record their songs using the features provided in the app and also share it with the community of like-minded individuals.

Creating music through a recording studio can be a very time consuming and an expensive affair. It requires a lot of work by sound engineers, editors as well as several retakes, rehearsals before the song is all set to release. It often ends up being too heavy in the pocket, especially for the emerging singers who’re initially struggling to reach out to the right audience. This is why the new MyMusicShare app is here to revolutionize the music industry by simplifying the process of music production for users.

The app consists of several features such as voice modifications, audio & video effects, loops and sound engineering, that are majorly required for high-quality music recording. Along with that, the app also provides a platform to the users for releasing their music to a community of music lovers who can like, comment and save the song for further listening. In short, this app can provide a kick start to the music career of many talented singers out there, who are bound by limited resources. The user can make music from the app in 4 simple steps,

  • Sing a song and record their voice.  
  • Add instruments/Add loops.  
  • Make/Edit the video  
  • Save and share with friends.

After creating a song, the user can release their song into the app and it’ll appear on the home page. They can also see songs from other artists based on their preferred language and location. They can sort the songs using 3 main categories, latest, popular and favourites. The user can save the songs they like under the favourite tab for listening in the future. The simple user interface allows the user to manage all their songs easily under their profile section.  The user can also see the number of people following them and the number of likes they have received on their song. The app provides a simplified way for the users to become a singing star without spending a fortune on getting their songs recorded.

MyMusicShare is currently running a Kickstarter project with a goal of raising CA$10,000. Using the various perks, the contributors can also obtain subscriptions to this app at a lesser price than the retail price. The funds raised from the Kickstarter campaign will go towards the marketing and distribution of the mobile application. 

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Company Name: Mymusicshare
Country: Canada