New Release Connects Women with the Affections of God

Lori Gano, author of How He Loves Us (Redemption Press), is on a mission to connect women with God’s passionate love for them. The Bible teacher, speaker, and trainer to women says, “Nothing equips and empowers us for our individual destiny more than our own personal love encounter with Christ.” Her goal is to see broken women restored, shattered lives rebuilt, and leaders trained to lean into God.

Gano, the founder of Out of Ashes Ministries, has written the in-depth Bible study on the Song of Solomon to take women on a search to understand God’s extravagant love for His people. As she breaks down the original text of the Scriptures line by line, the message emerges. She says, “When a believer begins the discovery of God’s affections, it unleashes a relentless desire to love others with the same intensity and eagerness. How He Loves Us is a key that will unlock any dormant heart and set free those who are lost in guilt, shame, or complacency.”

The study of the affectionate love of God as revealed in the Song of Solomon parallels the relationship between Christ and the believer. Included is a retelling of the inspired poetic narrative, the journeys of various women in the Bible, and reflective questions in each chapter.

Eva Pierce says, “Every woman served at A Hand up for Women (Christian Women’s Job Corps) comes to us feeling unworthy of love and out of reach of God’s grace. After going through How He Loves Us, everything changes. In the words of one graduate, ‘I now know that God loves me and I know what I’m worth.'”

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