Celebrity designer and reality star, Angela Simmons, to take part in OGO NEW YORK’S 4th annual True Beauty Conference

On October 28th, 2017 OGO NEW YORK will host its 4th annual True Beauty Conference, a one-day program geared to accelerate a woman’s journey to success at the Skyline Hotel Grand Ballroom at the heart of New York.

The True Beauty Annual Women’s Conference Was Birthed Out Of A Desire To Equip And Propel Women To Live A Life Of Purpose Personally And Professionally. 
Ogo Ekweozor-Holley, Founder Of OGONEWYORK, A Women’s Wear Lifestyle Brand Saw A Need For An Affordable Event Curated With The Sole Purpose Of Bringing  Together MOVERS & SHAKERS, Along With INDUSTRY LEADERS And CEO’S Who Share Personal Stories, Game-Changing Secrets And Tips They Have Learned Along The Way To Fellow Women.
“The Reality Is That A Woman’s  Journey To Success Is Accelerated  When  Placed Frequently In An Environment Were  Successful Females  Feel Safe Enough To Open Up To Share About Their Personal Journeys To Success. Statistics Show An Even Higher Probability Of Success When A Female Is Mentored By Another Successful Female. There Is A Grave Need In Society For More Curated Opportunities That Makes This Magic Happen”

The women’s celebration will educate, empower and encourage women by creating a supportive networking space to connect with hundreds of established women while reflecting on this year’s theme “thrive”.

Mrs. Ogo Ekweozor-Holley, a business maven, CEO for OGO NEW YORK and founder of True beauty conference also plans to honor True Beauty Legacy Honorees, outstanding woman in business, woman to watch and  outstanding teens. Ekweozor-Holley will also complete the conference by debuting the OGO NEW YORK SPRING/ SUMMER 2018 collection.

Guest speakers will include the event’s founder Ogo Ekweozor-Holley; award winning blogger Ms. Kim Colemanand the event’s key note speaker, Ms. Angela Simmons; a celebrity designer and reality star.

Although famously known as the daughter of Joseph Simmons; founder of the popular 80s rap group RUN DMC, Ms. Simmons has become a well-known “MOVER and SHAKER” in the society by building a name for herself as a business woman and a role model to young women. From the genesis of her fashion line, PASTRY, to an evolved Foofi and Bella brand, Ms. Simmons’s drive has been to encourage young women to become entrepreneurs after becoming cognizant of the impact her clothing line had on young women. Through her official website, Angelaiam.com, Ms. Simmons provides a platform for emerging talents to showcase their creativity and inspire them to start their own businesses. Along with her desire to help young women, Ms. Simmons uses her celebrity status to bring awareness on various charitable causes, such as animal welfare or child education and wellbeing.

Hosting Ms. Simmons as the key note speaker further supports the goal in bringing together MOVERS and SHAKERS, along with notable industry leaders and CEOs who share personal stories, game changing secrets and tips they have learned along the way to equip and propel fellow women to live a life of purpose personally and professionally, says Ekweozor-Holley.

In line with the OGONEWYORK mission, to date the organization has made a positive impact on the lives of thousands of women and children around the world by providing access to basic necessities crucial for their survival. This lifestyle brand also provides the ultimate style experience where expert style happens conveniently in one place. OGO NEW YORK solves the frustration of putting an entire look together by delivering the most sought after fashion and beauty inspirations from an edited selection of coveted global designers, expert hair stylists, professional make-up artists and your very own personal shopper in the store or in the comfort of one’s home.

About Ogo Ekweozor-Holley

Ogo Ekweozor has become a sought after motivational speaker, business consultant and corporate CEO of OGO NEW YORK whose international platform has reached and served tens of thousands of people. From running her own successful business aged 22 generating millions of dollars straight after graduating from college with a law degree, to becoming a mentor, business consultant and founder of several successful businesses since. Ogo’s courage and determinations has inspired many worldwide and helped countless audiences break through to discover their own untapped talents and infinite potential.

As a wife and mother who lives in New York, her love for creative expression through fashion, travel and nature are amongst a few things that keep her inspired.

Ogo’s extraordinary story of running a business empire straight out of college is in the inspiration behind her bold mission to empower others.

To purchase your ticket to the 4th annual True Beauty Conference visit www.truebeautyconference.com

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