Pets Brain Launches, Offering Leading-Edge Information on Cat Behavior

New website designed for cat owners offers insight on the way felines think

JULY 26, 2017 – The team at Pets Brain is thrilled to announce the launch of their new website. Through their new website, Pets Brain delivers leading-edge information on the way cats behave.

Scientific research is continually being conducted that provides information on the way cats think, and the team at Pets Brain taps into that research to deliver facts on cat behavior. For instance, Pets Brain offers information on different cat meows, tail movements and what they mean, general cat behavior, and more.

In addition, Pets Brain offers articles for cat lovers such as “How to Build a Cat Tree”, “What Do Cats Like to Play With?”, “What Cat Purring Means”, and more.

The website also offers reviews on leading cat products such as the PetFusion Cat Lounge, the Midwest Home for Pets Cat Cube, cat toys, litter boxes, and more.

Pets Brain has also launched an Instagram page where cat lovers can see adorable pictures of sleeping cats. The page can be found at

Pets Brain plans to release new articles and reviews on a regular basis. More information can be found at

About Pets Brain

Pets Brain offers leading-edge information about cat behavior, as well as supplies that cat owners can use to enhance their pet’s life.

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