Finding the Perfect Heating System for Any Home or Business


Finding the Perfect Heating System

Heating your home is essential, especially in the UK where temperatures average -17.7 °C in the winter. Without heating, not only will your home be uncomfortable but it can also damage important structural components such as window casings and flooring. With the perfect heating system, you’ll be able to keep your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

The Different Types of Residential and Commercial Heating

There are a variety of different types of residential and commercial heating, choosing the best one for your property will depend on many factors including efficiency, ease of use, and its impact on the environment.

  • Gas: Natural gas is the most popular heating fuel chosen in the UK simply because it’s one of the cheapest options that consumers can buy. There are approximately 23 million homes across the country that currently use gas. The main issue is that many homes aren’t retrofitted to deal with gas networks. Since there is such a competitive industry for gas, the equipment needed for heating is typically less expensive than equipment for other fuels. You can also easily control it, as you can turn it on and off when necessary and it heats up a home fairly quickly.
  • Oil: Approximately 1.5 million homes in the UK rely on oil to heat their properties. Oil is slightly more expensive than gas, but it also the preferred method of heating for rural areas that don’t offer a gas connection. You can opt for either kerosene or gas oil, though kerosene is far more efficient and far less expensive. In comparison to gas, oil isn’t the most budget-friendly and you will have to monitor its usage and ensure you order more before you run out.
  • Water: If you’re searching for a heating material that is safe for the environment, water is equally as beneficial as electricity. The main issue with water heating is to have it installed, it is expensive and an extensive project. If you’re comfortable with paying the upfront costs, water heating can be cost-effective over the long run and requires little maintenance.
  • Coal: Coal was once the most popular form of heating in the UK about 2 decades ago but with the invention of modern heating units, it has since declined. Coal can be difficult to store in your home and it’s very time consuming, as you have to consistently feed a boiler. Another large disadvantage to coal is that it is incredibly toxic to the environment. During combustion coal produces sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulates, carbon dioxide, mercury and heavy metals, and fly ash and bottom ash.
  • Electric: Electricity is by far the best choice for heating in your home because it is a renewable source of energy. Approximately 28.2% of all electricity is derived from renewable energy resources. Unlike coal, gas, and oil, electricity is far better for the environment as it relies primarily on wind instead of fossil fuels. Electric heating can be preferable as it’s the most cost effective choice for keeping your home warm, helping you to save money on your annual heating costs. Also, electric units are relatively affordable and are designed to last an extended period of time.

The Benefits of Electric Heaters

As mentioned, electricity is the single best heating fuel that you can use to your advantage, as it’s efficient, inexpensive, and safe for the environment. But fully understanding their benefits will help you to choose the perfect complete electric central heating system for your home or commercial space.

Flexible Installation

When you’re dealing with other types of heating, you will find yourself in a position where pipes need to be installed or a layout has to be designed. But with electric heaters, you won’t have to worry about planning issues or regulatory restrictions. These compact units can be installed absolutely anywhere in your home and anywhere in a room.


Above all else, you’ll want to make sure that your home is safe. Electric heaters don’t use fuel to generate the heat so you won’t have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning or the chance of explosions. Many electric heaters are also designed to maintain a cool exterior to protect children and pets in the event that they touch them.

Green Heating

The majority of electric heaters are 100% energy efficient, making them the perfect green alternative when compared to other heating methods. By reducing your household’s environmental impact, you will preserve natural resources and reduce your local emissions.

Low Cost

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to deal with putting an insurmountable amount of money into a new heating unit. With electric central heating, it’s easy to install and in the event that you need a refurbishment, it won’t add any disruption to your daily schedule.

Also, sine electric heating is 100% efficient; all of the energy that goes into the unit that you are paying for will be produced directly into heat in your home. When compared to a gas system, electric heaters will last up to 50% longer.

How to Choose a Complete Electric Central Heating System from Rointe

When it comes to choosing the right electric heating unit for your home, Rointe is the leader in the heating industry. They have an extensive inventory of products that offer an array of rare benefits.

Energy Efficiency

Everything about the towel rails, water heaters, and radiators from Rointe show just how efficient they are, ranging from the fact that they have to be installed on the walls to their integrated components.

Every single radiator is equipped with technology that keeps the room at a constant temperature without having to increase the amount of energy being consumed. Not only that, but they are also designed to create a lower temperature fluctuation in any room that produces a ±0.07 ºC variation in ambient temperature. This can be compared to a variation of ±2 ºC, which you would find in traditional heaters.

Fuzzy Logic Energy Control, the low consumption technology installed in Rointe equipment, makes it possible for your household to have a non-consumption coefficient of 81% nominal power.

Ease of Use

Another interesting feature is that every electric heating component comes with a TFT screen. TFT screens are 1.77” and are designed to show information clearly from any angle in the room. There are only 3 information areas that you will have to pay attention to: Function, Temperature, and Programming.

All Rointe components can be controlled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week directly from the screen. Or you can opt to use one of the included infrared remotes such as the AIR Control or BASIC Control. If you’re looking for the highest level of convenience, it’s recommended that you consider downloading the Rointe Connect app for the D-series range.

Rointe Connect App

When it comes to maximizing the efficiency of your heater, there’s nothing better than being able to have real time monitoring. With the help of the Rointe Connect app, you’ll not only be able to turn your network on and off, but you’ll also be able to take a look at the consumption of each item on your network.

Also, setting schedules is easier than ever before. Instead of having to leave your electric heater running all day or turning it off only to come home to a cold house, you’ll have the ability to set schedules for every day of the week. This way you don’t have to worry about your home unnecessarily consuming electricity, but your house will still be comfortable by the time you return home at the end of the day.


In the majority of Rointe products, including their towel rails, water heaters, and radiators, there is a 110 W/element. This is designed to ensure that every room in your home will have access to the perfect level of heat. With the help of controlled watts per element, you won’t have to worry about the unit overheating and being a hazard to your home. Also, it helps to provide the unit with a low contact temperature, which is essential for children, pets, and elderly residents.

Aesthetic Appeal

When you’re deciding to have a heating unit installed in your home, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is whether it will work with your design scheme. Rointe equipment offers the most luxurious, modern, and sleek designs that you’ll be able to find on the market.

You can purchase their heating equipment in a variety of basic finishes such as white, graphite forge, and chrome. If you’re the type of home owner that doesn’t like to settle for basic, Rointe also gives you the ability to choose from any colour on their Rointe colour chart.

Connectable Technology

In today’s day and age there’s no reason to not taking advantage of technological advances. With more home owners creating smart homes, it can be incredibly useful to remotely access networks inside of your house.

Rointe’s integral system is designed with built-in WiFi that you can access from anywhere in your home, giving you the opportunity to turn the units in your home on and off as you please. All you will need is to be connected to your mobile device in order to optimize the efficiency of your heating.

Every single product from the D-series home automation range is equipped with this online capability and you can link them all together to create your own home heating network.

The Importance of Customer Reviews

It’s important to take customer reviews into account before you decide on a single heating unit for your home. With websites such as Yell, TrustPilot,, and Feefo, you can easily learn more about how Rointe heaters have helped others transform their traditional heating into something far more advanced, safe, and convenient.

There are many different types of heating that you can use in your home based on your personal preference, how your house was built, and where your home is located. Although oil and coal may have been the most popular forms of heating in the past, it’s a constant battle between gas and electric heaters in today’s day and age.

Gas heating can be affordable and convenient, as the majority of UK residents are currently using it to this day, but you’re better off choosing an electric heater. Not only is it far more efficient and safe to have in your home, but it also offers increased versatility, convenience, aesthetic appeal, and more. As the leader of electric heating component manufacturing, Rointe has an extensive inventory of products for you to browse through.

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