First Ever Original 1999 Pokemon Set For Sale Already At 50k!

CHICAGO, IL – 26 Jul, 2017 – For many Millennials, the original 1999 Pokemon video/card games remain a staple of their childhood, providing what seems like a lost art in a nostalgic feeling. With kids a like trading cards at the lunch table, or virtually via Gameboy’s connect cable, it was apparent from the beginning that Pokemon is not only special, but part of a generation. For a generation such as the Millennials it signals the end of the tangible toy age and the beginning of the virtual age as no other item became as popular or as connective as Pokemon in years following.

Even more impressive is the fact that Pokemon remains popular today and just like Star Wars, is arguably more popular than ever with kids & adults taking part in the different games that the vast World of Pokemon offers. In the World of collectibles & alternative investments, nothing has seen growth recently quite like original first edition 1999 Pokemon cards, even garnishing interest from such highly accredited investors as Wall Street brokers & major corporate CEO’s, typically in their mid 20’s-30’s. With that being said, a whole generation below the Millennials has a vast connection with Pokemon adding incredible upside to what seems like one of the best investments in the hobby.

The leading card, the powerful Charizard, highly desirable even when first released, the fiery beast reigns as the king of the set. Just an example of this Pokemon’s growth of popularity, here are the most recent price realized dating back to November 2016: Nov 16- $8,800, Dec 16- $9,250 Feb 17- $13,100, Mar 17- $16,200, Apr 17- $18,600. Showing a growth over 6 months of over 100%, there seems no real end in sight as the popularity grows along with the collectors coming into their money making years, with a whole generation of interest below that. With all that being said, the entire point to the game of Pokemon is to “Catch Em All,” which leads us to our incredibly offering for the first time publicly, a complete GEM MINT 10 graded 103 card original 1999 Pokemon first edition card set! All cards are included, from #1 – #102, even including both desirable versions of the legendary Pikachu card that started it all, red & yellow cheeks.

Bidding currently sits at $50,000 with an estimate of $150,000 – $250,000

Interested bidders may bid below:

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