The Fin-Tech with 13X the valuation in one year!

Have you ever been stranded without any option to make a payment? Do you feel that there ought to be a much easier, less harrowing process to online payments? You are not the only one thinking about such. That’s why Vapulus is here. With Vapulus you can make payments anywhere, anytime in a split second. All your online shopping needs would be taken care of by Vapulus and because we have you at heart we have made several options to making online payment, in-store and in-app easier. See these options here.

About Vapulus

Vapulus is an online platform created for easy payment as you go around your activity. With just a year old in providing services, Vapulus has begun another funding round in Series A. It is a start-up with the potential of becoming the boss in online payments.

“We bet on the simplicity of user’s experience with our application, and we target making it not only possible but easy to make all kinds of payments operations, through a highly secure and extremely intelligent application, all by only using their username!”—Abdelrahman ElSharawy Co-Founder and the CEO of Vapulus.

This is enjoyably and convenient for everyone who carryout many transactions daily. Vapulus is the easiest payment application you can find anywhere; where you make payments with just a username!Being the first to eliminate bothhardware and card entirely!

Vapulus, being a very meticulous fin-tech startup secured its round first seed round from one of the biggest venture capital firms owned by a bank. This fund has been invested in the development of the Vapulus application and platform. With such investment on the mobile app, its prospect is to compete globally with other online payment of like services in the globe beginning from the Middle East.

The benefit if using Vapulus is not just streamlined to the users. But the every party involved in the chain of financial exchange will benefit immensely. The merchants, vendors, and billers will also partake of the goodies that the Vapulus application creates. “The services we provide to the merchants have been received greatly from the banks they had agreements with so far”.

However, Abdelrahman ElSharawy stated that the Application launch will begin from three Arab markets which are Egypt, Bahrain and Jordan. The reason was simply because of the available chances of growing; that is, assuring that their application is achieving the financial inclusion required by the Arab Countries Strategies.

Elsharawy ended his statement by saying how proud he is to be one of the first startups in the Arab world to get the certificate of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, that thing gave the banks they deal with a great amount of trust and confidence, and even the user can feel the security of their data.

The Vapulus app is the first app that borders on being a free marketing tool. This feature is especially for merchant’s database of customers. For the customers too, Vapulus enables the customers to pay without any hardware or card. This particular feature is a no brainer and the first in the world of online transactions in the payments industry. With this feature, Vapulus will dominate the international world of retail mPOS payment.

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About Abdelrahman ElSharawy

AbdelRahman ElSharawy is a shrewd Statistician. He is also a Marketing consultant and market research expert. He is experienced in these fields as he has written for clients like Google, Microsoft, IBM, IKEA, Shell, General Motors, and Pfizer. And with this experience, he wrote a book, The Ultimate Marketing Toolbox. He has consulted on market research and written on strategic marketing and big data. AbdelRahman is also a certified Trainer for the International Marketing Certification. 

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