Creative Peptides announced today an expansion of its product line depth of cell-penetrating peptides.

Creative Peptides, an international biotechnology firm dedicated to the research and development of scientific products and services, today enlarged its range of cell-penetrating peptides to its vast collection of online product directory in an attempt to satisfy every potential customer.

Cell-penetrating peptides (CCPs) are novel non-viral vectors with positive charges. A cell-penetrating peptide is a short peptide generally consisting of 5 to 30 amino acids. CCPs can intake “cargo”, such as polypeptides, proteins, nucleic acids, nano-particles, viral particles, and drugs, translocate the plasma membrane, and deliver the “cargo” into cell. This novel carrier is of high transduction efficiency and low toxicity characteristics. CCPs can be applied to targeted therapies for inflammatory diseases, tumor treatments, and the like.

Up to now, Creative Peptides provides six categories of peptides, including antennapedia peptides, chimeric peptides, HIV-TAT family, nuclear localization peptides, oligoarginine peptides, and various peptides. It makes a great effort to address the increase in demand from clients at home and abroad.

Dr. Paul Easton, director of marketing department at Creative Peptides, said, “Creative Peptides is focused on innovations that enable research institutions and university laboratories to have access to premium products and services. Beyond doubt, this expansion is going to make a difference in the field of cell-penetrating peptides.”

“Working with Creative Peptides provides you with a giant chance to speed up the process of your research. Plus, our cell-penetrating peptides are of high quality, so they will certainly accelerate the time taken to perform your experiments. For Creative Peptides clients who have already cooperated with us, this change shall offer them more options,” Linna Green, the founder and CEO of Creative Peptides, put it.

Creative Peptides is an innovative company, manufacturing high quality biotech products and providing excellent services to many companies and institutions. Today, with burgeoning trade relationship with clients around the world, it is an emerging but growing firm in the biotechnology industry.

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Creative Peptides is an international manufacturer and supplier of APIs, cosmetic peptides, catalog peptides, amino acids, peptide pools. It also provides custom peptide synthesis, peptide library design, custom GMP peptide synthesis, epitope mapping, stable isotope labeled peptide services. It aims to be your best partner of custom peptide synthesis.

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