A New Wave of Water

New York, US – While water tends to be a focal point of human existence, it may be unclear to people what they are actually drinking. Tap water can be polluted with elements ranging from sodium to chlorine, and can even contain pharmaceutical drugs. These are drugs that have been disposed of in the plumbing system. The FDA, unfortunately, does not have regulations on these contaminants in public water supplies. In addition to the previously mentioned particles, bacteria as well as viruses may be present in unfiltered water.While bottled water is a purified option, it can become costly and damaging to the environment. A better alternative to purchasing plastic time and time again can be utilized in any home. A process utilizing a reverseosmosis system can extract unnecessary minerals and ions in tap water, creating a safer and healthier option. This can be achieved through an RO machine, which can be set up in conjunction with a kitchen sink.

Reverse osmosis systems work by using high pressure to squeeze water through tiny holes in the filter that are too small for the unwanted minerals to also pass. The particles that do not make the cut can be rejected and used as recycled water, or filtered again. Typically recycled water has such a high amount of sodium that if it cannot be used. In this case, it is put back into the ocean. While unfiltered water may feature sodium and chlorine, they are not the only elements that may be floating around. There may also be lead, arsenic, nitrates and radium; to name a few. As exciting as these sound, they might just lead to long term health problems.

The price of the system and installation runs about 12,000 to 18,000 dollars, but the framework can last about fifteen years. An RO machine costs about $.30 a day, which is cheaper than a water bottle a day. The benefits don’t stop at drinking water though.A lot of the food people prepare at home requires water. Uses in the kitchen alone range from cleaning produce to boiling pasta. The chemicals that can remain in unfiltered water can also be exposed to people while they shower, brush their teeth and clean household objects that they come into contact with daily.There are many whole house water filters that are currently available on the market include brand names such as Brita, Aquasauna and Crystal Clear. Not only does reverse osmosis save money on store bought water, but it may prevent a lifetime of medical bills.

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