Core International Announces Emotional Intelligence Profiling and Training Services

Expanding Recruitment Company Offers Clients Complimentary EQ Screening of Candidates

Core International LLC, a recruitment company, is now trading in both New York and New Jersey.  With emotional intelligence being one of the top 10 desired job skills, Core International LLC has recently announced that the candidates they place with clients will be screened for EQ among their other skills.  As an extra measure, job candidates will also be trained in emotional intelligence if needed.  The unique service being offered by the recruitment company for no additional charge.

“The emotional intelligence of an employee can make or break the company he or she represents, especially at an executive level” explained a Core International LLC company spokesperson. “We realize the importance of EQ so we offer screening and training of candidates so that we can provide our clients with employees who are optimal for the job not only because of their skills, education and experience in the given area, but who are emotionally able to live up to challenges as well.  I believe employers are now realizing the role emotional intelligence plays in employee productivity and company performance and are thrilled to find a service like ours that profiles candidates in the EQ area.  We pride ourselves in finding the right person for the right job.  Now, with emotional intelligence screening and training, we are able to do that even better.  We are pleased to be providing this unique and useful service for free to our clients.”

Core International LLC is an independent training and recruitment agency serving New Jersey and New York.  The company combines the experience and expertise of their staff to bring a second to none recruitment experience for both the client and the candidate.  Their passion to pair the right people to the right roles has led to the addition of emotional intelligence in the screening of their candidates.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability an individual possesses to be aware of their own emotions and that of others.  The capability to discern between various feelings and to label them appropriately is also a quality of EQ.  Now, more than ever, employers are recognizing the importance emotional intelligence plays with the success of their companies.  An employee’s emotional intelligence skills can have a big impact on the success of a business.

Research shows that 90% of top performers possess great emotional intelligence.  Job candidates at Core International LLC must take an in-house EQ test that has been developed by a team of industrial psychologist with more than three decades of experience in their field.  Candidates who are in need of a little (or a lot) of EQ training in order to measure up can undergo training to learn and enhance these valuable skills.

Under the guidance of Jane Doveton, President of the company, Core International LLC provides highly skilled job candidates in a wide array of fields including the tourism, hospitality and leisure, sales and marketing, finance, IT and more.  The addition of EQ screening serves to add even more assurance that the candidates are well-suited for the jobs.

Adding a personal touch to the recruiting experience is a priority to Core International LLC.  The company’s mission is to build long term relationships that are built on trust and integrity.  The implementing of EQ screening and training into the mix has only served to strengthen this commitment.

Visit the Core International LLC website to find out more about recruitment, employment opportunities or to learn more about emotional intelligence screening and training.

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