Inspirational Artist and Author Patrick Littlejohn Shares Entry into the Spiritual World

A non-fiction personal account of the authors experience with heavenly beings written for humanity

World class pianist, composer, and author Patrick Littlejohn is frank and direct to the point as he bares his soul to his audience and chronicles his experience with the messengers of God telling him of his purpose in life. In his autobiography and inspirational book, Faith, Littlejohn shares his firsthand experience of the inner worlds that validated some writings of the bible, the Bagavad Gita and other scriptures from world religions-and the teachings of Christ, Buddha and others.

Faith highlights Littlejohn’s walk of faith through ordinary and profound experiences, all serving a specific reason that God fashioned to teach, strengthen and prepare him for his real purpose in life. He recounts one incident when he feels a lot of anger, fear, and wrath in his heart. Then, he ended up in a void, a pocket between each world of complete darkness and suddenly a messenger of God appeared and screamed at him- showing him his attitude. It was the greatest turning point in his life. He joined several organizations searching for truth and knowledge and finally found his true purpose in life.

Littlejohn believes that God engineered the creation of his book Faith to encourage others to seek and know God for themselves. It is an engrossing read that compels readers to renew and strengthen their commitment and faith. The bookis promoted by and interviews of Littlejohn will be aired several times a week.

With the author’s experiences of soaring through the higher worlds like an eagle experiencing love, bliss, and ecstasy he also recorded and performed music he hears of angels singing on his CD, “The Waterfall”.

Patrick Littlejohn


Copies of the book are available at Balboa Press, Amazon, itunes, Google Books, and other resellers

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The author is an International recording artist; his music is on the Internet radio Jango. He has a BA degree in music education from Johnson C. Smith University. He is taking classes Online at the Schillinger Practical School of music and a member of the Schillinger Society. He had his first spiritual experience when his deceased Grandmother talked to him as he stood near her coffin at her funeral. Since that experience he wanted to be a minister, he attended St. Mary’s college Seminary as a youth and studied, lived with the Monks, priest and nuns, he also studied religion at Johnson C. Smith Presbyterian ministry.

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