Blippar Creates Augmented Reality face profiles, taking Facial Recognition into the mainstream

Blippar transcends the boundaries between augmented reality and social interaction with customizable AR face profiles; Facial Recognition APIs Available

Blippar, the technology company specializing in Augmented Reality and Computer Vision, today announced the beta launch of Halos, its Augmented Reality (AR) face profiles, which is available in the Blippar app. The launch of Halos builds on the company’s existing real-time facial recognition capabilities, which is one of the most accurate, lightweight and fast face recognition engines with over 99.67% accuracy*, based on single-model and single-patch method, and makes facial recognition technology directly accessible for smartphone users for the first time.

This new in-app feature, which follows the launch of Public Figures Facial Recognition in December 2016, will allow users to create and customize their own personal AR face profile and connect with other users by “blipping” (scanning) their faces either in person or through images. Halos users will have control of their own AR face profile and of the content they choose to upload and display.

In December 2016, Blippar first introduced real-time facial recognition with initially 70,000 public figures recognizable. The app can now recognize 370,000 public figures, which is the largest such repertoire in the world.

Blippar’s Facial Recognition APIs will also be available at request to companies wishing to license and integrate the technology into their own applications and/or products, from mobile banking transactions to smart networking and building access control.

Blippar’s AR face profiles showcase the company’s focus on Augmented Reality and Computer Vision technology, which aims to change the way in which we interact with the world around us, helping us to access more information more quickly and to connect with new experiences.

Our faces are our most unique and expressive form of communication. Through Halos, their AR face profiles are making the face accessible in digital format for the first time. The technology lends itself to many other forms of implementation, and they are delighted to be able to share their APIs and technology with other companies who, like them, are committed to spurring on innovation in their own industries. Jennifer Messana, Co-Founder at ARSmash, says: “We are going to see a huge increase in big brands implementing this technology into their apps for many different purposes”.

As part of its facial recognition capabilities, faces of public figures are automatically discoverable with information compiled from Blipparsphere, the company’s visual knowledge graph which displays information from various external sources and was announced last year. Currently, users can view the profiles of more than 370,000 public figures by blipping them (scanning with the Blippar app) in person, on an image or in a video/movie. Soon public figures will also be able to create their own AR face profiles or modify their existing profiles. This is a powerful tool, enabling them to engage with their fans and communicate information that is important to them.

About Blippar

Blippar is a leading technology company that specialises in Augmented Reality and Computer Vision, a cutting edge field within Artificial Intelligence (AI) that trains lenses to recognise and understand the world they see. By harnessing the power of its technology and data, Blippar’s mission is to be the bridge that brings the digital and physical worlds together, enhancing everyday life.

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