Keeping America Strong and Healthy, K. Allison Launches New Meal Prep Containers

Dallas, TX – Many people fall short of their full potential in life due to lack of proper nutrition. Whether the goal is physical or mental, long hours invested in studying or at the gym can fail to produce the desired results without the proper nutrients. A personal experience led David Cox to realize the profound reach of this basic tenet, and inspired him to launch a line of meal prep containers of the highest quality in an effort to teach as many people possible how to eat for their goals.

K. Allison is a USA owned, sourced, and distributed company founded by David. These meal prepping containers go above and beyond what is commercially available. The meal preps are freezer and microwave safe, and can be cleaned easily in dishwashers. Made of high density materials, they are reliable, reusable and recyclable.

Fad diets offer conflicting information on nutrition, creating confusion on what’s healthy. Many people may not be aware of what foods to eat to lose fat, build muscle or just have a healthier lifestyle. The resources available on the K. Allison social media page paint a clear picture of a sustainable diet. America can be stronger and healthier with a few weeks of simply learning more about the food we eat. The meal prepping process breaks down what is essential to meet your goals, teaching us to filter out the noise of fad dieting and building a knowledge base that carriers forward week to week, month to month, generation to generation.

Meal Prep by K. Allison containers are made from BPA free and FDA approved plastic and meal prepping is an easy way to instill healthy choices and build better habits. Featuring a Secure Lid-Lock, they save time, money and allow taking control of meals to meet fitness goals. Most importantly, meal prepping teaches America to take care of their nutrition, as David Cox learned the hard way.

As an American 14 year old, David wanted nothing more than to play football as an offensive tackle on his high school varsity team. David found himself lacking in the required strength no matter how hard he trained at the gym. He ate everything he could get his hands on and found himself losing weight. This drove him to push harder, until he finally injured himself in the gym and was forced to retire football before he could even start.

“It felt like I was up against an immovable wall and my only option was to push harder,” says David.

While in college, David found himself cooking his own means and eventually realized that the fault lay not in the lack of effort but in not getting proper nutrition. He thus went on to found K. Allison Today, which educates customers on food, health, and nutrition and offers tools to build a healthier generation today.

“I want to help people understand how simple tools like Meal Prep, when used properly, can be the key to your health and fitness goals,” says David.

The all American line of meal prep containers, made right here in the USA, is now available exclusively on Amazon.


K. Allison is a USA owned, sourced, and distributed company that strives to bring its customers the highest quality meal prep containers. We aim to be the best so that you can focus on what matters most, accomplishing your health and fitness goals. Whether you’re striving to reach new heights in your strength, or new lows in your waistline we’ve go the tools for you. Come meal prep with us on Instagram @mealprepbyka or on Facebook @K.AllisonOfficial.

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