Media Baron, Satish Reddy becomes the first Indian to be appointed as the International Ambassador of Foreign Relations for USA’s presidential candidate for 2020 elections

MUMBAI, INDIA – 26 Jul, 2017 – Transformation is evident not only in USA but also across the world while America is approaching their next Presidential Election in 2020. Robby Wells who is elected as the next presidential candidate for Democrat party has appointed Mr. Satish Reddy the Managing Director of World News Network, a citizen and a media baron from India as the International Ambassador of Foreign Relations recently.

Mr. Satish Reddy who has been instrumental in establishing a platform for entrepreneur across various sectors all over the world, had previously been responsible in organizing Paris Appreciation Award atop Eiffel Tower to encourage innovation and promote the rise of entrepreneurship. This successful initiative had brought together delegates from all over the world on one platform and offered new opportunities for global economy.

On the occasion of being appointed as the International Ambassador of Foreign Relations, Managing Director Mr. Satish Reddy added “Robby wells as a presidential candidate of Democrat party for 2020 Elections in USA would certainly create an affinity among Americans and Indian American population. Myself being appointed as the international ambassador for foreign relations i would certainly strive for encouraging both the countries in making financial alliances that will lead to potential economic growth in various industrial sectors. I also intend to promote Indian political interests by educating the candidate about the foreign policy of the country, thereby creating a better understanding about the Indian policies vis a vis the world. Mr .Robby Wells would be meeting political and administrative dignitaries around the world to promote sustainable development of nations along with peaceful cooperation through exchange of ideas over a cordial platform .I would be coordinating these activities along with Mr Wells and Team Riseup encouraging enterprise through sustainable development while protecting the environment and resolving political issues in a peaceful manner across the world. As international ambassador of a US presidential candidate I am hopeful it will only widen the scope of my current vision. We plan to organize summits which will include participation of political and administrative dignitaries along with industrial heads across the world in Europe, Asia, America , Africa, Middle East to strengthen  global ties.”.

Mr. Robby Wells, the presidential candidate for 2020 elections added ,”We are pleased to announce that Mr. Satish Reddy has joined the Rise Up – Robby Wells for President 2020; campaign as the International Ambassador of Foreign Relations. Mr. Reddy brings a wealth of experience to the campaign as the founder and CEO of the World News Network. His worldwide contacts will help this campaign and ultimately the United States in building long lasting relationships and alliances. Rise Up!”

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