Brainscape Announces the Availability of an Online Training Platform

New York – July 27, 2017 – Brainscape, the education company known for its flashcard programs which help students succeed in a variety of subjects, has announced its online training platform for companies. This online platform is tailored to meet the needs of corporate training. It also meets National Staff Development and Training Association standards. Companies that want to learn more about this online platform can navigate to this website for more information.

One of the key features of this new online platform is mobile learning. Employees can easily access the platform on their smartphones, which allows them to find and use information while they’re out in the field. It’s also easy for companies to track their employee’s performance through the platform, so trainers can see when the program is used and how well the learners are progressing. It also offers seamless account integration as well as content uploading and downloading, allowing companies to transition from other training platforms.

“Our ‘Confidence-Based Repetition’ study system can double your employees’ learning speed while guaranteeing that they retain the information for longer,” says the CEO & Founder of Brainscape, Andrew Cohen.Based on thirty years of research, Confidence-Based Repetition uses an employee’s self-assessment to individualize a flashcard’s repetition.

Over the past few years, Brainscape has emerged as one of the world’s leading web and mobile study platforms. More than 7 million students and teachers so far have used Brainscape to (1) create their own company flashcards, (2) find great industry flashcards created by certified publishers, and (3) study these corporate flashcards as a part of their overall employee training system.

Companies that use this training platform say that it is much more engaging than PowerPoints and PDF files.“After we introduced Brainscape, suffice it to say that our sales staff learned critical new product facts much faster.”, says Spencer Halpert, Sales Director. In 2015, the company announced its release of its new “open marketplace” that gives users access to over 1 million study guides created by top students, teachers, publishers, tutors, and trainers around the world.  Brainscape has all the training your company is looking for.

Source:  Andrew Cohen

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