Airwheel H3 Smart Power Folding Wheelchair reflects the spirits of rider: wildness, bravery and pioneering

Airwheel H3 folding electric wheelchair is well recognized for its rough and robust design style as well as its tremendous performances in terms of speed and explosive power. Besides, H3 reflects the spirits of rider: wildness, bravery and pioneering.

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Airwheel H3 automatic electric wheelchairs have attracted thousands of riders who have difficulty in walking due to its masculine design style, brilliant performances as well as explosive power. H3 seat with double honeycomb mesh breathable material, is wear-proof and durable. The longer you sit, the more comfortable you feel. Besides, those love Airwheel H3 because it reflects the spirits of Airwheel riders. It is a fully automatic folding electric wheelchair.


Airwheel H3 portable electric wheelchair stands for wildness of people who are passionate about speed and thrills. The premium and huge battery capacity guarantees the explosive power of Airwheel H3, and enables riders to enjoy a speedy and wild riding experiences. Those brave male riders are truly fascinated with the riding thrills from the wild riding with H3. Anyway, passion always comes from speed for all brave Airwheel riders. Anyone has the right to enjoy such life. Pioneering is another important element. H3 motorized wheelchair is robust and hard-wearing, so the big-sized H3 can run invincibly on varied terrains. Male riders are able to conquer varied terrains like a hero, and some brave riders even challenge to ride it on some tough road conditions.


Bravery is also an important element of west cowboy that is reflected by riding with Airwheel H3. Unlike others, Airwheel H3 can be well applied into many practical situations like public security and patrolling, and H3 folding electric wheelchair works as an effective weapon for those people to face complicated situations bravely. Truthfully, riders are a group of brave people who experience riding thrills or working for some tasks. It works as a weapon or a piece of equipment for many practical situations. Riders become fearless in front of any difficulties and setbacks with the powerful and masculine Airwheel H3.

H3 wheelchair manufacturer with two ride modes allows riders to alter freely. Be safe and be at ease.

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