My ‘EPIC’ Journey To The Best Curling Iron of 2017

My Curling Iron understands that finding a curling iron for each hair type can be intimidating. Everyone’s hair is different and requires different maintenance which can make finding the best product very difficult. My Curling Iron wants to make this much easier for women by reviewing different curling iron brands, their models, and the types of curls they produce.

Charlotte, NC – Curling iron brands are as many as the type of curls women can imagine. According to one of their articles called Story Of Your Curly Hair & Curly Iron, each curl pattern is uniquely different than the other. To achieve these curls, different types of curling irons are also needed. These range from the most expensive to the ones with the most advanced features. Each of these brands presents the best feature of their products making it difficult to sort out which claims are real. My Curling Iron cuts to the chase and gives an honest review of each brand and their models. One of their contributors is professional hair stylist Orni Ibant who has spent most of her life researching the best hair products and tools for different hairstyles.

For those who are looking for the best regardless of the hefty price tag, T3 is considered the best in this category. Professional hair stylists regard T3  as the mother of all curling iron brands. Two of their most popular models are the Whirl Trio and the Twirl 360. Whirl Trio has three interchangeable barrels that make it possible to create a myriad of curls and styles. The Twirl 360, on the other hand, is equipped with the latest hand motion sensor technology that propels the barrel in the desired direction.

For people who are looking for more affordable brands but can still deliver good results, Conair and Hot Tools top the list. At present, Conair has a total of 32 types of curling irons which are all presented on their website. One of their most popular models is the 1-inch Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron which uses nanotechnology to produce long-lasting curls. Hot Tools, on the other hand, has 52 types of curling irons categorized by their material, barrel size, and styling. Their 24K Gold series has ergonomic design and high-tech features, like temperature control and timer settings. Despite all of these curling iron brands and types, achieving the perfect curly hairstyle boils down to the hair type of a person. Their hair type will determine what material, barrel size, and temperature setting are needed.

For those who have more questions about curling irons and curling styles, My Curling Iron provides more in-depth reviews on their website at where visitors can leave their queries. My Curling Iron is located at 2820 Selwyn Ave #835 Charlotte, NC. Contact them by phone at (704) 544-1915 or via email at

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