The Law Offices of Devon K. Roepcke, PC Launch New Employment Law Website

The employment law specialists new site will give people the information they need to understand what rights they have and what action can be taken if they are mistreated at work.

The Law Offices of Devon K. Roepcke, PC is pleased to announce they have launched their new website to supply relevant employment law information to those in need of help. The new site provides vital information on workers’ rights including overtime & wages disputes, wrongful termination, and sexual harassment. This information is important to millions of people in the US who are unsure of their rights within the workplace.


The employment law specialists who offer comprehensive legal representation across a wide range of employment issues were concerned that millions of people in the USA didn’t know what rights they had. The new site helps those that are employed, or recently terminated, understand what an employer can and cannot do, and what to do if a person is not getting paid properly or suffering from unethical working practices.

Each year thousands of workers in the U.S. are fired, and simply walk away to face financial hardship due to the lack of understanding of their employment rights. In many cases, those that are fired are wrongfully terminated, which means legal action can be taken against the employer.
A spokesman for The Law Offices of Devon K. Roepcke, PC said: “The most common case we see is the employee that is trying to climb the corporate ladder, working long hours and not getting the overtime they are entitled to. Another common employment law case are those suffering sexual harassment and feel they must put up with it in fear of losing their job. We are here to say that no one should be unfairly treated at work.”

The new employment law website has already helped people who thought they could not take any action against their employer. By visiting the site, those suffering hardship within the workplace, or going to work fearing they could be sexually harassed, will be able to learn more about their rights.
The Law Offices of Devon K. Roepcke, PC have highly recommended Employment Law Attorneys in San Diego. They have dealt with many high-profile cases and won employment law cases that others thought were unwinnable. One successful cases include a class action case on behalf of hotel housekeepers for failure to pay overtime and failure to provide meal and rest breaks. 

“The class action consisted of housekeepers who were directly hired by the hotel, and housekeepers who worked at the hotel, but had been hired by staffing agencies. After four years of litigation, the case settled for $1,686,000,” explained a spokesman for The Law Offices of Devon K. Roepcke, PC.

As a result of the case, the housekeepers working for the hotel are now getting their overtime and breaks, and the hotel has implemented very strict procedures for vetting staffing agencies to make sure they are paying their housekeepers properly. This case sent a message to other hotels, which was to make sure those that are working within their hotel are getting paid what they are entitled to.

To learn more about the new employment law website, and how The Law Offices of Devon K. Roepcke, PC can help fight injustice in the workplace, please visit

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