Why Cities are Banning the Use of Flame-Retardant Chemicals in Children’s Products

A California father, Dave Karow, wants to warn parents of the hidden dangers of nursery products. In 2016 Karow shared the story of how his 7-month-old daughter, Abigail, died.

SAN FRANCISCO – 27 Jul, 2017 – Do you know what chemicals may be lurking in your baby’s nursery? A recent news article states that San Francisco may soon ban flame-retardant chemicals from furniture and children’s products. The reasoning is that these toxic chemicals are known to have long-term negative effects on the health of our children. Studies have shown that these flame-retardant chemicals are linked to hormone disruption, cancer, learning disabilities, and reduced IQ.

So why are these chemicals found in baby products? Many nursery items like nursing pillows and crib mattresses are made of polyurethane foam or fiberfill, which are flammable, and therefore require treatment with fire-retardant chemicals.

Secure Beginnings is the brand behind the SafeSleep Breathe-Through Crib Mattress, a mattress made without fiberfill or foam and no fire-retardant chemicals. The company knows the importance of developing products that meet flammability requirements without using these toxic chemicals. They have also created their crib mattress to be air permeable so babies can breathe in oxygen normally through the mattress even if they end up lying face down.

A California father, Dave Karow, wants to warn parents of the hidden dangers of nursery products. In 2016 Karow shared the story of how his 7-month-old daughter, Abigail, suffocated on the surface of a portable crib mattress pad. The baby had been sleeping on her stomach when she died and was unable to breathe through the mattress pad.

Karow shares, “Too often, we parents assume that if a product is sold for babies, that it is safe for babies. The regulators and large players in the infant products industry have addressed safety concerns such as collapsing cribs and loose pads that can trap infants, but remain silent about the breathability of the sleep surface itself. We believe that if Abby had been able to breathe through the portable crib mattress she had been placed on, she would still be with us today. The Secure Beginnings breath-through foam-less design just makes sense. If more parents knew they had such an alternative, I believe they would vote with their dollars, the industry would follow, and fewer infants would die from accidental suffocation. If the emerging focus on the toxicity of the foam design raises awareness of the alternatives, that’s a great thing. ”

Secure Beginnings and Dave Karow are teaming up to spread the message about safe sleep for infants and safe sleep products. Now that we know the long-term effects of fire retardant chemicals on our children and how important breathe-through crib mattresses are for sleep. Hopefully, these types of chemical-free, breathable products will become the norm for baby nurseries.

Secure Beginnings is on a mission to have all crib mattresses and sleep surfaces be made air permeable and free of toxic chemicals using ASTM standards. To learn more about their products, visit www.securebeginnings.com.

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