ISquared Technologies Reaffirms Its Commitment For Better Service Delivery

Employs New Team Members

Gujarat, India – July 27, 2017 – A firm located at the ever busy city of Ahmedabad in India has reaffirmed its commitment towards better service delivery. This company, which goes by the name iSquared Technologies, has received a lot of positive reviews from its customers in the past for its professional services especially in the area of WooCommerce Development. Although it has attained a great height in the past, its management crew is not relenting in any way, as it believes that there is always room for improvement.

The company was set up about 6 years ago and has continued to be among the top companies among web design companies in India. In the words of the Managing Director, “So many people have continued to inquire about what exactly the company is after; seeing that effort is continually being put to improve the company. Some say that they don’t know why the company is improving its service delivery when it is already doing well. I always tell them that there is always room for improvement.” The company is doing a lot to ensure that it remains the top Shopify Development company especially as there are several other companies in the same line of business, said the Director.

ISquared Technologies has a lot of young and vibrant experts in the field of mobile app development, web design/BigCommerce Development, and the internet and social media marketing. The company reaffirmed its commitment to providing better service delivery for its customers by setting out to employ the best set of hands to further strengthen its various teams. The company published in mid-April on its blog page that it was hiring. According to the Managing Director, the company is currently expanding its capacity and staff base in order to be able to serve more clients. It is believed that this will increase the profitability of the company.

In the Director’s words, “As soon as the company hires new team members, they are taken through a series of training so that they are able to observe industry standards and best work practices when they are carrying out their tasks. Also, the training is aimed at improving their skills and to help furthernarrow down their skills to the particular job function for which they were hired.” It can be seen that the company invest a lot in building capacity in its workers. Workers are also given all the support needed to carry out their tasks including proper welfare scheme.

At iSquared Technologies, the environment is very conducive for work. The reason why the company put so much effort into supporting its workers is to see them deliver exceptional services to their customers. This is why the company will continue to stand tall among other companies who are into WooCommerce Development.

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