Mega Business Opportunity Conference to Maximize Profit and Business Opportunities

Don’t miss Ishaq Mustaqim lecture on Green Project Centre

Have you ever blamed the economy for your poor financial standing? Have you ever felt you would have been a little richer and wealthier if only the government has implemented a particular financial policy? Then you have been doing the wrong thing. Every of your goal of achieving wealth and financial freedom lies within your reach. The choice is yours to make. For this particular purpose, the Money Wealth Business Conference has been organized just for you. And just to spice it up, the popular and renowned Ishaq Mustaqim is going to be around to speak about his company MEGA BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY which offers entrepreneurs business opportunities to maximize profit, while doing social good.

About Ishaq Mustaqim

Ishaq is a life strategist. He has an undying love for people. Hence he had set up a very formidable scheme to ensure everyone he reaches succeeds and get developed. A life strategist is someone who loves people and understands the importance of developing others. They are selfless, knowledgeable, trained, intuitive, nonjudgmental, objective, and offers a three-dimensional perspective of life and living. A life strategist practices a balanced lifestyle, serves as a role model and leads by example.

Ishaq is someone who has worked to achieve a significant amount of stability all through the life. He is someone who has resolved his personal issues and has mastered a holistic approach to living. Now, he wants to coach others, he wants to mentor others to success and excellence. He is a mentor to many.

Ishaq is not just there to be successful rather he wants to make others successful too. Hear him;

“I will speak about my flagship program – which I call the GREEN PROJECT CENTER — to bring clothing to the needy peoples of the world… and train and coach entrepreneurs to replicate this business model so that the impact can be exponential. I live in Montreal (Canada) and I will be traveling to South Africa to attend this conference”.

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About Money, Wealth, Business Conference

Just as the name implies, it is about money and wealth creation. It is the only event where Billionaires & Multi-Millionaires give details and share information freely on how to create your wealth through your own economy and market. The event will present details of how to grow your brand and your company.

The event is slated to hold on August 12th – 13th, 2017 Johannesburg, South Africa.

JT Foxx, Ndaba Mandela, and Hugh Hilton, along with other high-level international entrepreneurs, are coming together for the very interest of the country and your future. These persons are coming to give details of how they started out in their career and how you can apply the lesson they learnt in your own sphere and come out strong and financially bold. It is the biggest wealth event of the year.

The event is unlike many others who gather unwary entrepreneurs around just to sell their products. However, this is not so. There will be several speakers but not every speaker will be selling a product. Expect 98% content instead of 100% selling.

The current economic situation of the country will be analyzed and specific steps on how to wade through those trying times would be detailed in the conference. Dress cloth is business casual, however, jeans, shorts and sandals would not be allowed.

VENUE for The Money Business Wealth Conference (Tycoons of Wealth):

Theatre on the Track: No.4A Kyalami Boulevard, Kyalami Business Park, Johannesburg, 1684 South Africa.

Media Contact
Company Name: I.M. for Your Success
Contact Person: Ishaq Mustaqim
Phone: +1 514-245-0410
Country: United States