AmpTough Launches Campaign for New USB Type C Cable That’s 5x Stronger and 40% Faster Charging

For those tired of changing USB cables, here is the tech innovation of the year that will make work more efficient and save money in the long run. AmpTough, the tech loving company, has launched its enhanced USB type C cable which is not only 5x times stronger than conventional cables, but also 40% faster in charging speeds.

The AmpTough USB cable is precisely what every digital user would wish to keep at home or work every day. With 24K gold plated connectors, a nylon braided cord with a 4,000+ bending lifespan, and a special resistor built inside for safe charging, the cable brings the right combination of power, speed and long life that is much wanted in tech accessories today.

Solid USB Type C cables are best suited for charging batteries and data transfers between devices such as smart phones, tablets and laptops. USB C is the new standard of connectivity between such devices, and the new AmpTough cable is currently the best in breed compared to older brands. A unique feature of the cable is that it has a reversible connection and can therefore be plugged in any direction.

“We wanted to solve the problem that many people experience with constantly changing or trying to find a better quality cable. So with the right team in place and many new lessons learned, our team was able to bring you the premium USB-C cable that we know you’ll love,” says the AmpTough team.

The AmpTough cable is thus built with best quality copper wire, aluminum foil shielding to remove interference, a TPE jacket for flexibility, and weather and temperature resistance, and a premium nylon braid for a tangle-free experience. The cable comes in four bright colors of blue, gold, black and red.

“AmpTough is a tech loving company with a group of talented individuals. With our USB-C cable the AmpTough team strived to make a durable product that would last a long time. With the success of our campaign we’re ready to take on new and existing innovations,” says the AmpTough team.

The crowdfunding campaign for the innovative AmpTough USB type C cable is now live on Kickstarter with a host of rewards, goodies and discounts.

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