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As antibodies are more and more favored by more diseases and drug research, they gradually become the focus of our studies. From the beginning of the chimeric antibody to the final antibody, antibodies have undergone constant development and transformation. However, in the field of analysis and modification, antibody research still faces with numerous difficulties, such as structural characterization and conjugation.

Creative Enzymes focuses on the analysis and modification of peptide mapping and IdeS protease, improving the activity of the enzyme, and providing the best protection for antibody research.

IdeS protease

IdeS Protease is gotten from Streptococcus pyogenes. It is a designed, recombinant protease overexpressed in E. coli. IdeS Protease severs IgG at a solitary site beneath the pivot locale, yielding F(ab’)2 and Fc pieces as appeared here.

Peptide mapping

Peptide mapping is a key step in the characterization of biotherapeutic drugs. The so-called “bottom-up” characterization of the biological drugs that are digested by the protein into its constituent peptides is necessary to ensure complete sequence coverage of the biological drug molecules.

From drug discovery and development to clinical trials, bio-production and QA / QC, peptide mapping is still a key analytical method. We offer a unique combination of innovative technologies, from start to finish, designed to achieve fast, reliable, reproducible and easy-to-use methods.


It generally uses oxidation labeling when peroxidase labels antibody and protein A, while SABC manufacturing technology is generally used to label Avidin / Streptavidin, and its sensitivity is much higher than the conventional oxidation labeling method. The quality of the enzymes labels antibody depends mainly on good purity, strong activity and high affinity of enzymes and antibodies, followed by a good preparation method.

At present, high-quality enzymes (such as horseradish peroxidase, referred to as HRP) have been the supplied in the world. High quality antibodies can be obtained by extraction and purification. In the preparation method, it is preferable to use a method in which the yield is high and the activity of the conjugate is not affected and the interference substance is not mixed.

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