Knock-in Cell Lines of CRISPR /Cas9 Target Gene Provided by Creative Biogene

Stable cell lines play an important role in the study of recombinant protein preparation, antibody preparation, drug screening, gene function and other aspects. The stable cell lines can continue to grow, and express foreign gene. Changing the copy number and promoter activity can regulate the expression level of exogenous gene in target cells, which makes it increase, decrease, or equal to the endogenous gene’ expression amount of target cells. Insert modes of exogenous genes can be divided into random insertion or fixed position insertion.

Creative Biogene is now providing stable cell lines construction service for the majority of researchers. We use the most advanced technology, to provide a stable cell line with high quality for you. The construction service can use CHO, HEK293, Hela, NIH3T3 and other tools, or use specific cells designed by customers. From cloning construction, cell line establishment, gene amplification, monoclonal screening, cell line identification, functional research, a full range of experimental options, researchers can meet the scientific research needs of protein expression, gene silencing and so on.

Select the Cas9 mammalian stable cell line construction service at Creative Biogene, you can:

1. Free choice of gene insertion mode
2. Free selection of cloning vector
3. Free selection of target cell lines
4. Free selection of amplification genes or regulation of protein expression

Knock-in cell technology is always a useful tool to research the specific gene function. Creative Biogene uses the latest CRISPR/Cas system to achieve specific gene knock-in of the cell line and CRISPR plasmid effectively.

We use this technology to knock in specific genes in a variety of fixed-point cell lines, and screen drug on target cells, by using CRISPR sgRNA mediated gene knockdown.

Technical characteristics

1. To achieve a number of target gene loci and multiple gene knock-in simultaneously;
2. The latest nickase enzyme / dual gRNA technology significantly reduces the off-target rate;
3. No species restrictions and suitable for various cell lines;
4. The service period is short, and 2 months is enough to deliver positive cells.

The service delivery and cycle

1. The gRNA design of target sequence and vector construction
2. Co-transfection of target cell line
3. Screening and identification of positive cells

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