With Football Just Around the Corner, Unequal Gears Up

Patented GYRO Helmet Liner Provides Added Protection

PHILADELPHIA, PA – 27 Jul, 2017 – Unequal, a Philadelphia-based sports technology company, is gearing up for youth football season by promoting their patented GYRO helmet liner, fortified with NURO® Tech, as a catalyst for reducing the risk of concussion injuries in players. The increased prevalence of concussions in youth sports, coupled with new revelations about potential risks faced later in life by football players, puts the spotlight squarely on protective technologies and the need to educate parents on their availability so their children can safely play the sports they love.

The Unequal GYRO Helmet Liner is concealed, supplemental head padding that easily drops into full coverage hard shell football helmets, with no modification. NURO Tech inside each GYRO is military-grade, coated aramid fabric and other advanced materials that together handle blunt force trauma and impact shock differently and better than typical plastics and foams. The GYRO was tested by an independent, accredited lab following NOCSAE test standards for football helmets, with and without GYRO. Results measuring the Severity Index (SI) showed a 30 percent combined average reduction in the SI in front, side and rear impacts.

Youth sports play a large part in many people’s lives, as statistics show over 36 million kids play some form of organized sports in the U.S. However, 87 percent of parents do report a heightened concern of injuries in heavy contact sports such as football. A survey conducted by the University of Pittsburg Medical Center in October 2015 reported that one in three parents fear that their child will get a concussion, leading to a quarter of them holding kids out of contact sports altogether.

In a just-released study published in the Journal of the American Medicine Association, Clinicopathological Evaluation of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in Players of American Football, Dr. Ann McKee, director of Boston’s University’s CTE Center, acknowledges the problem of concussions in football. “People who play football are at risk … and we urgently need to find answers for not just football players, but veterans and other individuals exposed to head trauma.”

Five-time Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Pro Bowler James Harrison has worn the GYRO extra layer of protection in his helmet for six seasons and credits Unequal’s military-grade NURO Tech for helping to extend his playing career and allowing him to perform at peak levels with less risk.  “It does make a difference. I won’t practice or play without it and neither will my kids. You can talk all the science in the world, but when Unequal is in, I feel the difference. I recommend this to any parent or coach who wants to be out front of head injuries.”

According to Unequal Executive Vice President Jim Caldwell, increasing awareness of additional protective gear is paramount. “Time and again we hear from parents and coaches across the country that they’re completely unaware that there are products on the market that complement the safety of assigned football equipment. It never occurs to them that they can protect their kids even further than what’s provided or available.”

For more information on the Unequal Gyro Helmet Liner and other protective gear, please visit www.unequal.com or watch this brief informative product video.

About Unequal

Invented by company founder and CEO Rob Vito, Unequal is military-grade protection that has been modified for sports applications. With over 100 patents in the U.S. and abroad, Unequal is fortified with technology like no other. From the World Cup to the Super Bowl, World Series to the Stanley Cup, to collegiate, high school and youth play, Unequal protects athletes at all skill and age levels in high impact sports.

Unequal is well on its way to becoming a standard in football, soccer and other high-impact sports. Their military-grade composites are built with TriDur, Accelleron and optional ImpacShield. This ultra-light, ultra-thin athletic gear works differently than virtually every other traditional foam and plastic of equal weight and thickness on the market by absorbing, dispersing and dissipating energy from an impact away from the body to provide the ultimate protection. It allows for greater protection without compromising mobility, so athletes can play more at their peak level.

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