Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® Discusses How Kantar Retail is Helping Businesses Keep Pace in a Changing Market

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Los Angeles, CA – July 27, 2017 — Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® is pleased to announce an exclusive interview with Bryan Gildenberg, Chief Knowledge Officer of Kantar Retail, a global company that connects a world-class set of retail and shopper assets with pragmatic, solution oriented people, to grow client businesses.

With the prevalence of ecommerce sites, traditional retailers and manufacturers are attempting to keep pace, sell more effectively and thus increase their profit. Kantar Retail provides an innovative solution to this modern problem.

Gildenberg says,  “The company does a great deal of shopping research, tracking how buyers behave online and in the store. By learning how buyers shop, they understand how retailers can best reach them.”

Kantar Retail also provides high quality 3D virtual reality technology that allows retailers and manufacturers to test out various elements of their products and see what their store would look like, thanks to a computer generated rendering. This means professionals can develop concepts to use in stores or manufacturing in a more cost effective manner. It is a simple decision when they see it in 3D if a business wants a certain layout or would prefer a different look or layout of their store. It brings their vision to life, allowing them to see what their dream would look like in the real world.

Kantar Retail provides businesses retail and shopper insight, consulting solutions along with analytics, tools and applications. To sum it up, Kantar helps clients sell more effectively and profitably. Each aspect of Kantar’s solution is a powerful specialism in its own right. When connected, they create a powerful opportunity for growth in a business.

Kantar Retail not only allows its customers to visually see their store layout, but thanks to the research Kantar does, they are also discover where to put what product for it to sell best in various areas around the country.

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® added, “With more and more shopping being done online, having insight into a buyer’s shopping behaviors and patterns can help companies make critical brand decisions. Kantar Retail’s specialized knowledge, expertise and solutions generates breakthrough performance improvement. We are excited to feature them on the show!”

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