SAN DIEGO, CA – 28 Jul, 2017 – On Wednesday, August 9th, 2017, San Diego’s hottest startup, Barnacle Coasters, the creators of an eco-friendly beverage coaster that traps condensation and keeps surfaces dry, will launch its nationwide Kickstarter campaign at DeskHub, San Diego’s premiere collaborative and co-working workspace.

“People have literally been using the same ancient coasters forever. We are a company seeking to disrupt this sleeping industry. Our mission is to produce a game-changing coaster for people who care about our environment,” said Mark Prophet, CEO of Barnacle Coasters.

“We’ve always seen ourselves as a launchpad for world-class companies and products. The San Diego Startup scene is taking off and we are proud to be a commander center for Barnacle Coasters, an environmentally-conscious company with a global outlook.” said Monique Williamson of DeskHub.

The Barnacle Coaster can be used with various containers to mitigate and preclude undesired dripping by collecting condensation and directing it to a reservoir at the bottom of the coaster. The coaster, which attaches and moves with the cup, may be installed and removed with one hand to end issues associated with condensation dripping on your desk, coffee table, clothes and provides stability on uneven or smooth surfaces.

Barnacle Coasters will use Kickstarter, the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects, to provide the first-ever orders of the patent-pending coaster. The launch will take place at DeskHub, a co-working space committed to providing small and startup businesses with space and business resources, which works to integrate them with the larger San Diego innovation ecosystem.

While protecting surfaces from condensation, the Barnacle Coaster is reusable and dishwasher friendly.  With every purchase, Barnacle Coasters will be contributing a percentage of profits to The Ocean Cleanup, a global organization aimed to rid our oceans from waste. 

For more information on the Barnacle or the launch party, please reach out to Co-Founder Alan Mondus at (612) 695-9279.

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