THE BEACH OF NOD – Allegorical beach romance

“THE BEACH OF NOD” by Milyanna Amorina
Milyanna Amorina tries to explain to readers of “THE BEACH OF NOD” why people fail to build a connection to God.

Sometimes, people are so full of misery and grief that they have no more tears left to shed. They wonder what they have done wrong and why their God would allow such misery. They even doubt the existence of an almighty power. This book uses entertaining everyday situations to demonstrate why people fail to develop an intimate relationship with the Almighty. Witty Bible characters will hysterically come alive while they walk through the Beaches of the Land of Nod.

While the background of the story is Christian, people of all or no religions will be able to enjoy the allegorical story of “THE BEACH OF NOD” by Milyanna Amorina. The entertaining story draws you in as the characters act like there’s no tomorrow. Their antiques will get you laughing, but you are also encouraged to think about the meaning of life – and why we often only think about God when times are tough, but tend to ignore spiritual things when we are happy.

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