Ellen Has Seven Men – Gripping novel about divorce

“Ellen Has Seven Men” by Udo Staber
The female protagonist of Udo Staber’s “Ellen Has Seven Men” is afraid to be alone after a divorce – and goes for several men at once.

America in the 1980s is a country filled with a society characterized by a growing sense of psychological insecurity. Ellen is one of those people, and in addition, a divorce is ahead of her. She is worried about being on her own after the divorce, but she is also angry with her husband Bernd for abandoning her after 15 years. She has two goals: to get even with him and to find a solution for her problem of being on her own. To solve the latter, she becomes involved with six other men who are – for one reason or the other – drawn to her.

During the course of “Ellen Has Seven Men” by Udo Staber, the readers will often wonder who Ellen and the men she engages with really are. It soon becomes clear that Ellen is a very troubled character, so it makes one wonder what draws so many men into her life. The writing draws you into the story right away, and the setting fits the plot very well. If you are looking for a drama about divorce, questionable personalities, and psychology, then this is the novel for you.

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