New You Fitness Challenge – Six Weeks from Flab to Fit

Professional CrossFit Athlete Tommy Hackenbruck’s latest fitness program promises to change a person’s body in just six weeks.
Nevada health and fitness company Athlete Acquisitions has brought out the big guns with their New You Challenge. They claim that their latest program will change a person’s body radically, from flab to fit, in just six weeks.

By Zach Thompson

Las Vegas, NV – People want to look good and feel good. Nearly every poll conducted shows that most people are dissatisfied with their bodies and would like to see an improved difference.  Most people who feel this way state that they haven’t done anything to change it because they don’t know where to begin, or how. They feel confused and often overwhelmed. Luckily, technology has improved, and people have more options available to them to help guide their fitness journey. Over the past two years, The New You Challenge has changed hundreds of thousands of lives in just 6 weeks with a radical new program that touches on nutrition, high intensity interval training, Krav Maga, Brazilian Jujitsu, Yoga, Boxing and more.  The program utilizes an app that will deliver the meal plans, track body stats, and deliver training challenges. It was created by professional CrossFit athlete and fitness coach Tommy Hackenbruck.

“We live in amazing times,” says Hackenbruck. “When I was growing up we didn’t have the ability to have a coach in our homes, our refrigerators planning our meals and telling us how to exercise. These apps are able to do that.  The New You Challenge utilizes an app that will map out someone’s fitness plan, keep them on track, and provide daily motivations. It’s like having a coach in your pocket. I can now do for people all over the country what I do with people I train in my gym—I can get them fit in six weeks. No question about it.”

Hackenbruck has had a career in sports that began in high school, where he excelled at football. He took his football talents to the University of Utah where he played his last two years under Urban Meyer (and won a Fiesta bowl). After football, Tommy’s athleticism was fueled by a new-found love for CrossFit, where again he excelled, and became a 2x Champion at the CrossFit games Team Competition and a runner up individually. Most recently he has become famous as the 7 -time winner of Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge.  For the last eight years Hackenbruck has operated a CrossFit gym in Salt Lake City. His methods are proven, his enthusiasm, contagious. Hackenbruck believes wholeheartedly that the New You Challenge will work for everyone.

“All I ask is a commitment,” says Hackenbruck. “The app, the group, and the coaches will do the rest. We will keep people on track with their meals, their exercise programs, and even sleep schedule. I know what it feels like to be healthy and fit. People that have been able to transform their bodies not only look better but they feel better and have more confidence. That is what I want for people—to feel great about themselves and their lives.”

The fitness app (Called Project Level Up – Click for access) delivers meal plans, photo uploads, and stats tracking. It is absolutely free to use, even for those challenge. However, the app also provides users with an online 30-day training program for an “in app purchase” of $29.95. The company behind it, Athlete Acquisitions spent close to a million dollars building what they believe is the best fitness app of its kind. “We are doing something groundbreaking with this,” says Hackenbruck. “I can’t wait to release it to the world.”

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