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Wikifarmer is now available in English and Portuguese with more languages being added in the near future

One of the most popular and exciting platforms for the farming community has today announced its available in English (https://wikifarmer.com/) and Portuguese (https://wikifarmer.com/pt-br/). Wikifarmer, which is an online platform similar to Wikipedia but exclusively for the Agriculture and farming community will be adding new languages in the near future.


Wikifarmer, which has gained worldwide exposure for being the most popular and most recommended platform for those interested in farming, gardening, or keeping bees, is always looking at ways to make their site bigger and better. As well as adding new articles on a daily basis, and expanding their library, the team behind Wikifarmer want to make sure as many people around the world can read it in their own language. As a result, it will soon be available in Arabic, Spanish and Russian.

A spokesman for Wikifarmer said: “We have become one of the most talked about farming platforms online, and as such it’s important that our readers can read our articles without having to search for translation programs or sites.”

For many years the farming and agriculture community had no real dedicated platform for their needs until Wikifarmer was launched. The platform is a community of professors, farmers, beekeepers, and professional and amateur gardeners. Although Wikifarmer has become one of the most recommended around the world, and is regular written about and featured on popular news platform, the team behind it intend to make it the biggest source of information on and offline.

The platform is free to use, and Wikifarmer welcomes articles who have knowledge in their chosen subject that would interest other users of the platform. With so much information available, an amateur farmer, gardener or beekeeper can quickly become a professional.

One of the most popular articles on the platform, which shows how vital Wikifarmer is in helping people gaining information to further their education and skills, is Beekeeping For Beginners (https://wikifarmer.com/beekeeping-for-beginners/). This article helps people who have little knowledge in this subject to become more experienced.

To learn more about Wikifarmer, and to find out why it has become one of the most talked about communities, please visit https://wikifarmer.com

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