Flushie toilet spray, what you do before number two

Flushie Toilet spray is the newest home care product created by a family operated business. The product was developed out of a need to eliminate bad odors left in the toilet after use. This spray is used before sitting on the toilet and creates a powerful layer over the water, that traps all the bad odors. Once the user flushes the toilet, all stinky odors are gone.

Flushie is the result of years of research and hard work, that finally produced the all natural proprietary blend that is strong enough to curb all the bad odors in the toilet.Flushie comes in different variants, both scented and unscented. One of the most popular variants is citrus fusion scent, which is made with a blend of all-natural mandarin, Meyer lemons and summer sage oils. Once the user flushes, a refreshing citrus scent is released eliminating all bad odors. There will be no more embarrassing bathroom odors with flushie pre-toilet sprays. The 2 oz bottle can last for upto 100 sprays and is available for a price of $8.99. The product is all natural and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

The unscented Flushie is the newest variant added to the lineup. While it does the same great job of trapping all bad odors into the water, it doesn’t leave any scent behind, which makes it suitable for people with scent allergies or just lovers of no scent at all. Flushie Pre-Toilet Sprays are made in the USA and they are steadily becoming the favorite poop spray for many people across the country.

Flushie is also available in a travel size of four packs that includes a 1oz bottle of each scent, citrus fusion, fresh linen, lavender rain and unscented. The travel combo is on sale right now and priced at $14.99 instead of $19.99. You can carry these travel size bottles anywhere for using anytime. They fit easily into a purse, laptop bag or luggage. Each bottle in the travel size combo can provide upto 50 sprays.

The travel size packs can also be purchased individually and available for a price of $4.99 each. Additionally, flushie is also selling out an artsy camera shaped toilet paper holder on sale right now. This family operated business is aiming to take the stink out of poop, one spray at a time!. In the future, they’re planning to come up with more such innovative products for home care. The products can be found on flushie.com.

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