Chinese post-90s girl honored to speak on the Union Nations Forum of US-China Entrepreneurs.

Launch out the new platform of female career.

On Beijing time May 6th, the new Union Nations Forum of US-China Entrepreneurs grandly opened. Elites from all over the world gathered here. Among them, there was a Chinese representative, who brought a new voice to the world.

It is reported that in the current United Nations Forum of US-China Entrepreneurs, Fang Fang, a brilliant post-90s Chinese female entrepreneur, issued a voice of female career. Her speech attracted the attention of over 400 medias in the United States, excited the whole USA.

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As a representative of the new generation of Chinese female entrepreneurs, Fang Fang is also the founder of Omeolife brand. In the speech on the Union Nations forum of US-China Entrepreneurs, Fang Fang shared the unremitting efforts before her success. She never expected the great honor today. It is the reward of years of struggling that she got the chance to speak here for the women group needs on the Union Nations forum of US-China Entrepreneurs as a post-90s girl.

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To stand on the stage of the Union Nations forum of US-China Entrepreneurs is to represent the China post-90s female entrepreneurs to the world. Which attracted over 400 US medias on the forum was Fang Fang’s outstanding idea of the Future of the China New Female Generation. It’s known to all that the social pressures, job sexism, traditional family values are the main facts that preventing Chinese new female generation embracing their new lifestyle. So how women accomplish for themselves along with the pursuit of beauty in the most appropriate way? ——That is the goal of her Omeolife platform, Fang Fang said.


In the excellent speech, Omeolife is more than a skin-product marketing brand, It is a stage where women shining as stars. Every woman is an entrepreneur here with their own team. The revenues from the team management realize the women self-fulfillment and gain financially independent. With the power of Union Nations forum of US-China Entrepreneurs, she called for more self-care of the Chinese women, heighten the women status, show the new generation of Chinese women to the world.

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Facing over 400 US medias, Fang Fang’s emotional speech impressed the world with the charm of the post-90s Chinese female entrepreneurs. She handed the International Industry Influential Brand Prize in the United Nations Headquarters with her BSM company after the speech. 

As a post-90s entrepreneur who stood on the Union Nations forum of US-China entrepreneurs, Fang Fang expected the future upon her return to China after the presentation on the forum. Under the influence of Omeolife, she will care more about the gap between the Chinese female identity with the world, focusing on building new platforms of the female career.


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