Josh MacDonald et al create a influencer marketing platform via data mining for brands to use

Toronto, ON – Social media influencers have an incredible effect on who is buying what in the current day and age. Brands have begun to reach out to these influencers in more recent years to help sell their product to younger people who can fast forward through commercials and skip print ads. Finding the right influencer to sell a brand can be difficult and can result in multiple brands vying for an influencer’s time. Josh MacDonald and his team of programmers have created a website that gives brands the metrics on thousands of influencers who might fit what they’re looking for.

Shout Our Biz has officially been released after two years in development, led by Josh MacDonald and a team of professional programmers and data miners. This project isn’t Josh MacDonald’s first venture into software development; his first project was a software program that allowed brands to do keyword searches for search engine optimization, and his second was SerpClix which helps improve a website’s ranking on Google. With this being MacDonald’s third software venture, Shout Our Biz is an influencer marketing platform that provides brands with an abundance of data that helps them sort and filter based on demographic factors such as race, gender, age, country, and a bunch of other credentials. The system primarily focuses on Instagram but can be used with Twitter and the company plans on expanding to Facebook and Youtube soon.   

A social media influencer is anyone on a platform of social media who has an overabundance of followers. Brands look to work with these influencers because they give them exposure to young adults and teens who spend a good chunk of their time browsing their Instagram and checking their Snapchat. Using a specific influencer allows brands to reach niche audience members who are more likely to buy their products. Some influencers can generate the same reach as prime time television commercials can.

Determining whether a specific influencer will be right for a specific brand can be extremely difficult and can result in a lack of sales. Shout Our Biz helps prevent the that from happening by giving brands access to thousands of influencers and the demographics they fall into. For more information on Shout Our Biz, visit their website.

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