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For those in Cedar Rapids.

Los Angeles, CA – July 28, 2017 – On August 4, 2017, TriCoast Entertainment invites Cedar Rapid natives to the exclusive film premiere of Adam Orton’s newest suspenseful, sci-fi, “AMELIA 2.0”, which was inspired, directed, and produced in this great Iowa town. Produced by MORE Productions and WeatherVane Productions, Iowa native, Angela Billman, stars as the lead role, stealing the show. Orton’s merge of romance and science fiction is suspenseful, yet sheds light on the significance of modern day technology.

AMELIA 2.0 is a female, near-futuristic film that captures Carter Summerland’s mind and heart clash when his wife suffers an abrupt aneurysm and enters a coma. Deep in grief, Carter is approached by Wesley Enterprises, a company specializing in modern day technology that can control and extend human life through robotics.

But, when Amelia awakes in her robot body, she battles her innate human nature with her new robotic features; wondering if she’s human, or robot.

When the scientists’ new technology begins to experience glitches, Wesley Enterprises faces the modern day consequences and chaos of technology. The Summerland’s association with the company involves them in the massive, public debate about the relationship of humans and technology. 

Through it all, Amelia can’t help but remain focused on one question – What really makes us human?

Produced and filmed in Cedar Rapids, AMELIA 2.0 was based on Rob Merritt’s 2011 play, “The Summerland Project”. As the first true trans-humanism film to hit the screen, AMELIA 2.0 plays out today’s captivation, struggle and advancements with modern day technology that is becoming more human-like by the second.

While watching the film, look out for two local news anchors and some of Cedar Rapids’ most well known buildings and landscapes. 

AMELIA 2.0’s cast consists of a brilliant cast, including Ed Begley Jr. (“Ghostbusters”, “Pineapple Express”), Chris Ellis (“The Dark Knight Rises”, “Apollo 13”), Debra Wilson (“Avatar”), Eddie Jemison (“Oceans 11,13”, “War Dogs”) and Kate Vernon (“Malcolm X”, “The Last Song”, “Pretty in Pink”).

Come join us on August 4th at Collins Road Theatres to experience trans-humanism like never before. The seating is limited, so purchase your tickets in advance. Tickets are priced at online and at the door of the theatre.

Reviewing copies and links available in advance for Press.

Try and get there early, you might be able to get a seat next to the members of the cast and crew of the film who will be in attendance. And don’t forget to stay after the event for the private Q&A from the director and stars of AMELIA 2.0.

See you there!

Date: August 4, 2017

Time: 7:00 P.M.


Collins Road Theatres

Collins Road Square

1462 Twixt Town Rd.

Marion, IA 52302

AMELIA 2.0 (2017, 89 min.) Directed by Adam Orton. Editor: Izaak Levinson-Share. Cinematographer: Camrin Petramale. Original Music: Michael A Levine. US, English. MORE Productions, Weather Vane Productions. TriCoast Entertainment.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: MORE Productions, Weather Vane Productions

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