Exclusive Sichuan Names, Local Travel in Sichuan

Select Your Sichuan Key Character to Immediately Generate Into a New Name Card

Sichuan Tourism Information Network officially launches the activity “Exclusive Sichuan Names, Local Travel in Sichuan” and invites you to experience the feeling of being a Sichuan people. Sichuan Tourism Information Network said, “Making each tourist feel like he is a Sichuan people is the most direct way with most sense of belonging to experience Sichuan”, and thus launches this activity. This activity will be on line continuously to make each person have the chance to take part in it.

As for the key Sichuan characters, I believe everybody has his own unique perspective. In the eyes of travel friends, there are Daocheng Yading, Dau Glacier, Zoige Grassland, and Lugu Lake, etc.. For the foodies, there are Spicy Bean Curd, Three Glutinous Rice Balls, Fuqi (couple) Feipian (lung slices) (Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce), Lai’s Sweet Soup Balls, and Yibin Burning Noodles, etc.. People who like cultural relics and historic sites can watch Temple of Marquis (Zhuge Liang Memorial Hall), Langzhong Ancient Town, and Sanxingdui Site, etc. People who like wondering in the alley can walk along Jinli, Broad and Narrow Alley, and Yufu Ancient Street, and in Bailu Town…

If you don’t know much about Sichuan, then you can participate in the activity and make a plan for your future trip in Sichuan. The activity “Exclusive Sichuan Names, Local Travel in Sichuan” launched by Sichuan Tourism Information Network through the activity website (http://global.tsichuan.com/name) considerately explains various food, amusement ways and folk cultures about Sichuan. Simply selecting a Sichuan keyword can make your name card generated. After getting your own name card, you can also check other name cards similar with yours. Let’s start to experience the feeling of being a Sichuan people from getting a Sichuan name!

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