Seeking Out Earth Angels to Raise Awareness for Community Hero and Teacher, Brian R. King

DeKalb, IL – Two friends of father, community hero, and teacher, Brian R. King have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at to raise funds for King to be able to purchase a ‘Mobility Van’ – a vehicle designated for individuals with disabilities. Diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) just four years ago, King has faced numerous challenges physically and emotionally, but endeavors to promote better understanding and acceptance of his living with disabilities as a cherished activist and mentor of the community.

As a father of three sons with ASD and ADHD, and a cancer survivor himself, 26-year old Brian King faces the challenges that accompany his disabilities head-on with strength many have admired him for. Although he additionally struggles with adult Dyslexia, Asperger’s Syndrome, and ADHD, his EDS diagnosis has presented the most physically-debilitating obstacles in his life yet. Despite these challenges, his commitment to his occupational efforts of being a father, compassionate social worker, and community role model has not wavered. Those closest to him have recognized the struggles he faces and are now endeavoring to help.

This assistance has manifested through the recent launch of a crowdfunding campaign for Brian R. King, one seeking “earth angels” in the community for donations that will be able to pay for a new set of wheels for King. The campaign identifies the intended purchase of a Mobility Van for King as a dream come true for both him and his family, as it would provide significantly more ease in transportation for the beloved community member.

“He gives so much to his family and the community,” one friend of King’s says, “and now it’s time that he receives some of that ‘giving back’ himself.” The two friends of King who launched the campaign, Tiffany Lee Ballard and Wade Bloodgood, characterize the campaign as not only one that would support King, but also raise much-needed awareness and understanding of the impact of disability on both the individual and familial levels.

In addition to reaching out to individual contributors, those behind the campaign are also reaching out to potential sponsors, charities, and foundations that may be able to support the effort to raise money for a new set of wheels for King and his family. The eventual hope of both King and his loved ones spreading awareness of the campaign is to be able to purchase a vehicle that would lessen the hardship obstacles have presented for the family, and promote a message of togetherness and support.

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