Heart Protector and Vital Health Parameter Monitor, ECG-Guard, Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Stuttgart, Germany – Sports and health enthusiasts as well as patients who wish to continually monitor their fundamental parameters will welcome ECG-Guard, which is now attracting crowdfunding offers on its Kickstarter page. ECG-Guard combines into one small wearable device a wide range of tracking and monitoring features such as professional quality ECG and heart beat monitoring, sport activity analysis, sleep and posture analysis, stress level indication and more.

Few modern health or fitness monitoring devices can offer the wide range of tracking and monitoring features that the ECG-Guard offers. The user only needs to attach the device via its electrode stickers or wear it using a chest belt. With no buttons, all monitoring and reports can be viewed via its app for iOS and Android. With a wi-fi Bluetooth connection, ECG-Guard makes for the most advanced tech companion that monitors, records and analyses vital parameters and alerts the user of any critical or customized breaches.

ECG-Guard is a long term, highly precise and clinical grade ECG recording device for up to 24 hours, and also analyses activity, posture, heart rate rhythm and temperature levels. The device is built with an alert function and emergency call feature as well. Users can also seek feedback on the recordings from a team of certified cardiologists in Switzerland.

Any health and fitness enthusiast will love the monitoring features packed in the ECG-Guard. It can be used during running, biking, hiking or climbing to read the current heart rate, graphical trends of heart rate, speeds, durations, distances and altitudes, calories burnt and body surface temperature.

Finally, the device also doubles up as a sleep analyzer that will reveal all vital parameters as well as time spent in each stage of sleep. As a temperature monitoring device, the fitness monitor is accurate to 0.1 degree Celsius. As a posture analyzer, the ECG-Guard can help improve the user’s posture with vibrating alerts. For those who wish to know their stress levels, the health monitor has an integrated short term heart rate variability feature and can detect respiratory sinus arrhythmia for momentary stress analysis.

“ECG-Guard is different from other such devices in that it can actually guard the heart by detecting and alerting for abnormal beats and rhythms or send an emergency call in case of a severe cardiac event,” said Hartmut Richter of SR-Medizinelektronik.

ECG-Guard is slated for production in 2018 after completing its Kickstarter campaign, and will be available in three versions for personal, athletic and professional use.

For more information, please visit: www.ecg-guard.com

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